Rimmel London Natural Bronzer – Sun Bronze Review

I’ve had a difficult past with bronzers as my fair skin often turns a bronzer into an orange pigment on my cheeks. This Rimmel London Natural Bronzer was a darker shade than what I normally feel safe with but I’ve been looking for a certain type of bronzer for a long time and thought this could be the one.

The certain type of bronzer that I had been looking for was the naturally sunburnt bronzer. I wanted a bronzer that would give me the effect of a slight sun burn, the too-tanned terracotta that my skin will get to before peeling back to pale.

I have very pale skin naturally and have also learnt my lesson about sun exposure so I don’t leave the house without sunscreen and a hat. Due to this I never get to achieve the naturally bronzed along my cheeks look even during Summer. So when I saw this Rimmel London Natural Bronzer I was tempted into purchasing a shade in the hopes that I could sweep some onto my skin and have that sunkissed glow.

Before all of that, I’ll quickly mention the product itself. The packaging is a little flimsy, the plastic lid fits onto the pan however it’s nothing too sturdy so I can’t say I’d be comfortable throwing this bronzer into a makeup bag. I do love that the clear lid lets you see through to the product. On top of the bronzer is a beautiful sun pressed into the surface which elevates the appeal to my eyes.

Rimmel London Natural Sun Bronzer

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer
Sun Bronze
Comparison Bronzer Swatches

My Experience

I apply this bronzer with a large bronzer brush which I gently press onto the surface of the bronzer and tap off again before applying to my cheeks. I do this because I can’t go in too heavy with such a pigmented colour, if you have a deeper skin tone then mine then you wouldn’t have to be as gentle.

Over foundation or my bare skin this bronzer applies well. It can settle into one place initially however it will always blend out smoothly with a bit of buffing. It sits nicely on my foundation without any patchiness or texture.

The formula of this bronzer is matte which suits the natural effect well. Once applied to my skin this melts into my makeup to look very natual without being too flat or too glowy.

As for its lasting power this bronzer can take me through a whole day with only minimal fading. I don’t use setting powder or setting spray so my makeup will always fade a little and this bronzer holds up well. There is also no noticeable scent nor does anything in the formula cause irritation or a reaction.

Overall I do really love this Rimmel London Natural Bronzer. The shade Sun Bronze is a very true looking tan. It is quite strong so I look like I’ve spent too much time in the sun and it’s showing on the high points of my face. It lasts well and really that’s all I wanted from it, so I’m happy to have this bronzer in my collection.

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