Revolution Pretty Creative Palette Limited Edition

It’s difficult with limited edition products to put out a review of them however I wanted to write this in case Makeup Revolution release any palettes like this in the future and also to have a look at their eyeshadow formula.

While I’ve used other formulas from Makeup Revolution I’d never tried any eyeshadows from them. This eyeshadow palette was a part of a promotion they had online and it came as a free addition to my order.

I’ll start by saying that I love the idea and colour story of this palette. I like to get creative with my eyeshadow and the colours in this palette are all very interesting and unique to my collection.

Some people might look and this and think they’re unable to create a whole look from the shades however I’ve added some eyeshadow looks that I created and loved from this palette as a little example. They’re not neutral looks which should be obvious from this palette however I really liked how they turned out.

As for the formulas of these shades they really impressed me. Considering I go this palette for free I kept my expectations reasonably low so when I swatched these eyeshadows and saw their pigmentation I was very excited to get them on my eyes.

All of the eyeshadow are pigmented regardless of their finish. From the mattes to the shimmers they all apply easily to my eyes with a lot of pigment and will wear well throughout a full day.

I don’t know about the light green and pink pans on each end of the palette. They’re big enough that I thought they were meant to be used on the cheeks however they’re unusual colours if that’s the case. Those two pans are also the least pigmented of the lot so it’s the only odd point I have with this palette.

So, the fact that this palette cost me nothing and performs so well means that I would definitely be interesting in trying more eyeshadows from Makeup Revolution in the future. It’s also the best promotional makeup product I’ve received with a purchase so well done Makeup Revolution!

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