Revolution Beauty Ultra Cool Glow Highlighter Palette

I love a colourful highlighter. If I don’t feel like focusing the attention on my eye makeup then I like to add a wash of colour to my cheekbones that shifts and catches in the right light. This Revolution Beauty Ultra Cool Glow Highlighter Palette grabbed my attention with its fairly low price point and interesting range of highlighter shades. There are colours in this palette that I hadn’t seen in a highlighter before and I was very interested to see how they would wear on my skin.

The pans in this highlighter palette are huge so I’m not worried about running through them quickly. As I am writing this post this palette is available from Revolution Beauty for € 9,99 and it comes with eight highlighting shades that total to 20g of product.

To start with, I love the range of shades in this palette. I also own the BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlight palette that comes with six coloured highlighter shades however I feel like that has less of the range compared to this Revolution Beauty Ultra Cool Glow Highlighter Palette.

Unfortunately, while I love the range of colours in the palette, I don’t the variance in performance. Between each shade there can be huge differences in pigmentation, texture and longevity. As you can see from the swatches below about half of the palette swatches significantly worse than the other half.

Revolution Beauty Highlighter Palette
Revolution Beauty Ultra Cool Glow Highlighter Palette Swatches

The shades that are difficult to swatch by finger also take some layering to build up on my skin. While I can eventually build them up to a strong level of pigmentation they definitely take a little extra work compared to the shades that do swatch well.

Once applied these highlighters look amazing, especially if I’ve applied them over my bare skin. There’s no glitter in the formula, it’s a very smooth metallic sheen that can make my skin look wet under the right light.

They all play well over other powder products however if I’m having to layer a shade over a cream base the continual blending can disrupt the product underneath.

Some shades have darker undertones than others which does limit how I can wear them on my very pale skin but I would say that only applies to two or three shades from the eight in the palette.

These will last well throughout the day. The less pigmented shades will fade faster than the rest however I am happy when I apply my highlighter in the morning that it will still be there at the end of the day.

Overall I really do enjoy the shades in this Ultra Cool Glow Highlighter palette. They’re some of the most unique in colour and formula that I’ve tried. I prefer my highlighters without glitter and that exactly what these shades are.

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