Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit

This is another one of my original makeup products. I bought this as part of the first pieces of makeup I ever owned and I’ve only just recently finished it.

This palette is designed to be an all in one contour kit. It houses four pans containing a highlighter shade, a banana powder, a matte bronzer and a cooler matte contour shade. For someone like me who was just getting into makeup, an all in one kit like this was a product that looked safe for me to use and not make a fool out of myself.

I bought the light/medium version and was a little worried it would be too dark for me but actually it actually wasn’t that bad. The banana shade was a touch too pigmented and the highlighter wasn’t pigmented enough however the bronzer was nicely warm and the contour just the right shade of grey. Everything blended out really well and wore throughout an entire day, they sat well on my skin and with other makeup products.

Having now owned and used many other makeup products I can recognise that the highlighter was very poor. It seemed like Revlon was going for a natural looking effect however it ended up being so sheer that I had to keep building and building for anything to show up on my skin. Due to that constant layering I ran through that highlighter very quickly.

The banana shade was nice however I don’t often use a banana powder so it took a while for me to go through. It was definitely yellow toned with a bit of pigment too so if you have very fair skin like me it will be difficult to blend in naturally.

Finally the contour and bronzer shades were the hero pans in this palette. The bronzer was a great warm brown that didn’t lean orange on me at all. It was super smooth and matte so it would blend out and look very natural on my skin.

Similarly the contour was a perfect cool tone without being too sickly grey. It was also matte and would blend out easily. What I really liked about the contour shade was that it wasn’t too pigmented so I could go in with a gentle hand and get a nice, natural effect. Contouring is still something I’m weary of as so often it can be overdone and look very unnatural so to be able to use this contour shade as a makeup novice was a great way for me to learn.

In the end while I did love the bronzer and contour shades I didn’t like the highlighter or banana powder so I wouldn’t buy this whole palette again. I will, however, keep my eye on further contour releases from Revlon as I was so impressed with that formula.

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