Revlon Photoready Eye Art Lid Line Lash Desert Dazzle

This was purchased for a very specific reason. I needed a olive green, metallic eyeshadow for a dress up day at work. It was villainous characters and I was going as medusa.

I’d researched these really cool makeup looks with people making scales on their face with green shimmery shadows and was ready to be awarded best dressed on the big day. Unfortunately, I realised the day before that I actually didn’t own any green eyeshadow, let alone the dark, olive green shimmer that was absolutely necessary to make me Medusa. So I rushed out to a local chemist which was the only place I bought makeup from at the time, and with the limited stocks in Australia, especially in this small, local chemist, the only green shimmer eyeshadow they had was this one. A liquid eyeshadow with a glitter in the other end.

I had never used a liquid eyeshadow before, but it was the only option so I changed my plans and bought this instead. Unfortunately as I was not running any blog like this at the time, I didn’t take any photos of the look I did that day, but I will tell you that it was intense and very obvious I had never worked with liquid shadows before because I’d not blended any edges and left my eyeshadow as a harsh line all around.

Honestly, this is a great liquid eyeshadow for not creasing on my very oily, heavily creased eyelids. I wore this for 7 hours straight and it hadn’t creased at all on me. However I found that I could only use it for certain looks. The edges were hard to blend out quickly, and you do have to be quick because this dries down very fast. So it is difficult for me to blend out the edges whilst not blinking and creasing the eyeshadow before it has fully dried down.

I will be giving this one away, because I’ve only used it a handful of times in the year that I’ve owned it however it is a very pigmented and long wearing liquid eyeshadow so if the swatch photo of it interested you, I would recommend picking a shade to try.

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