QV Moisturising Cream Review

After suffering from dry and sensitive skin I began my quest to finding a reliable line of skincare with an ingredients list excluding any fragrance or harmful ingredients.

I know that fragrance can be perfectly fine for most people however I can be sensitive to it so it was also included in my ingredients blacklist. What I needed was something very basic that would heal my skin without hurting it any further.

I spent a long time researching brands, reading ingredients and trialing products before I finally came to QV. It was actually recommended to me by a tradesman who was building my parents house! He worked with lime plaster which is highly alkaline and will severely burn skin it comes into contact with. He said that he and his team all use the QV line of soaps, washes and creams as they are the only products that heal sensitive skin without irritating it any further.

That has to be the best recommendation I’ve ever received and so I bought a pump pack of this QV Moisturising Cream the next day.

My previous body lotion was Vaseline however it left little marks on my skin after a months of continual use. They weren’t irritating or painful however they were scattered all over my skin like freckles and obviously that’s not what a lotion should do.

I started using this QV Moisturising Cream after a few days break from the Vaseline cream and after a week those marks had faded.

The Formula

The texture of this cream is like a typical lotion. It comes in a pump pack so it’s not too thick, just nicely creamy and sinks well into my skin without feeling greasy for hours afterwards.

It is a heavier cream than some other very light lotions I’ve tried however I bought it because I had very dry and irritated skin and it has quickly brought my skin back to being healthy and hydrated.

It’s completely non-irritating and very soothing. My skin was stinging and itchy in its worst phase and this QV Moisturising cream soothed over that without adding any irritation which is a first for any moisturiser I’ve used.

I have since gone through an entire pump pack of this QV Moisturising Cream and am onto my second bottle. It’s exactly what I was looking for – a very simple yet moisturising ingredient list without any fragrance or skin irritants.

The Review

This is by far the best body lotion I’ve ever used for moisturising my skin without causing any irritation. I will be looking into more products from QV as their brand is perfect for my skincare needs. “With no soap, fragrance or common irritants, QV Skincare supports the skin to naturally repair itself.”

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