QV Intensive Body Moisturiser Review

I have long sought a hand cream that could heal my dry and damaged skin without irritating it further and I think I have finally found that in this QV Intensive Body Moisturiser.

My skin is slightly sensitive throughout the whole year however in the drier Winter months it really escalates. In particular around my hands where I am washing them and they are drying out further from that.

Around my hands my skin will dry out, crack and in some severe cases, split and bleed. It can be very painful and irritating for me, especially when the hand creams I turn to will include ingredients that irritate my skin even more.

I have been looking and researching to find a skincare brand that made products aimed at sensitive skin, without irritating ingredients or useless fragrances.

When this QV brand was recommended to me I had high hopes and so far they have been rewarded with high quality products.

In addition to this Intensive Body Moisturiser I have also tried the QV Moisturising Cream which I have written a full review of here.

As for this Intensive Body Moisturiser, the formula is exactly like the name suggests; it’s very intense. A thick lotion, almost waxy in texture, it reminds me of solid coconut oil in the same way that it’s hard in the tube but melts down once in contact with my skin.

There is a definite feeling of lotion on my hands after I apply this however I expected that with how strong the moisturiser formula is. That feeling will remain for a long time, even after washing my hands which I actually really like in this situation. I bought this Intense Moisturiser because I needed intense healing; the fact that this moisturiser remains on my skin for so long is exactly what I want and need right now.

I will apply this cream routinely before bed and also as I need it throughout the day. When I first started using it my hands were dry, cracked and in some places bleeding. The previous hand cream I had been using was also called intensive however it would burn and sting my skin after application, it was actually making my skin worse rather than better.

I would say that within a week of using this QV Intensive Body Moisturiser my hands had almost completely healed. I had never used a cream that had such an immediate and positive effect on my skin. It was completely non-irritating, never stinging upon application or reddening my skin.

I used this moisturiser alone on my skin for about a month to bring my skin back to being completely healthy and healed. After that month I then reduced it to only using this cream before bed as it is so intense upon application. However because I enjoyed the formula and its results so much I bought the same formula in a less intense version to use during the day if I needed.

This QV Intensive Body Moisturiser completely surpassed my expectations. It immediately healed my very dry skin without irritating it at all. Within a week my skin was looking nearly completely healed and was no longer causing me any irritation or pain. I have since purchased the less intense version of this cream to maintain my smooth and soothed skin and will most likely purchase more from the QV range in the future.

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