Project Pan – The Beginning in August

I’ve decided to actually commit to doing a project pan for the remainder of this year and possibly into the next one.

I had already made a couple of Instagram posts talking about the Revlon Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit which I have been trying to finish for a while now however nothing like gathering a group of products and deciding to dedicatedly use them until they are empty.

And that’s what I’m doing today. After talking a few times about the Revlon palette and seeing other inspiring accounts of other project panners I have decided that it’s about time that I started finishing more of the makeup that I own.

Technically I already do monthly posts where I talk about all of the products I have emptied however lately they’re usually mostly skincare as for some reason with makeup I never like to finish a product off.

But it’s high time that I actually did because I have a lot of half empty makeup and beauty things lying around that I could do without cluttering my drawers.

So to start of this panning project of mine I’ve collected all of the products that I know have been getting close to done or are nearing the end of their use by dates and I am going to try to finish them all, hopefully by the end of the year. There are a few products that I doubt I’ll get through by then but for those I’d be happy with at least seeing the pan in the palette.

My Project Pan Items

  • Revlon Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit

  • Fyrinnae Highlighter: In the Spotlight

  • SACE LADY Liquid Glow Highlighter

  • Flora Remedia Aromatherapy

  • Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer

  • OXX Super Shine Lipgloss

  • Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother

  • Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow – Ballet Baby

  • Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick – Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude

  • Models Own Flawless Correcting Concealer Palette

  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

  • Pureology Colour Fanatic Hair Spray

I’ll post updates to my Project Pan on my Instagram page and I’ll do another blog update of how this initial collection is going at the end of the year as well.

I’m looking forward to using up some makeup products, especially the ones that aren’t my favourite formula’s so that they can finally be out of my collection.

Keep an eye on my Instagram for the upd

ates and until then I hope you’re as happy and healthy as can be!

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