Project Pan Products that I Use Everyday

As I have spoken about before, doing a project pan has really impressed on me the amount of time it takes to finish, completely, a beauty product. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t wear makeup everyday, I still own my original eyeshadow and blush palettes that I’ve been using for years.

So I quickly realised, after starting my project pan, that I was going to have to create a routine in which I did wear makeup everyday, or at least the certain products that I was trying to get through.

Luckily for me, by chance I’d chosen a group of beauty products that I could use to create an entire face with and so every day for the past few months I’ve been wearing my makeup products, and by doing so, successfully using them up.

Today I just wanted to show you the group of products in my project pan that I’ve set aside for daily use and how I use them and re purpose them into creating a full makeup look.

Of that group above, I can create an full makeup look as long as I get creative with a couple of products and repurpose them to my needs.

Forcing myself to use each of these products everyday has also forced me to think outside of the box and find extra ways to apply them, both as a way to speed up the project pan and also out of a need for other products that I would rather create from this group.

I’ll insert some swatches below and talk about how I use each of the products.

The Models Own Colour correcting palette.

I have finished the green shade in this palette and am using the peach shade as my concealer/foundation. The purple and pink don’t really correct anything on my skin so I’ll decide later if I’m going to use them.

Kate Moss Rock N Roll Nude Lipstick

I use this mostly as a cream blush instead of a lipstick as I prefer to wear gloss most days. I’m also going to try and apply it as an eyeshadow however on my hooded lids the creasing might be an issue.

Revlon Contour Kit

I have already finished the banana and highlighter shades in this. For the remaining bronzer and contour shades I use them as exactly that, however they also double as smokey eyeshadows. They’re both too dark for my skin tone so I have to apply them very lightly which is why this kit is one of my slowest progressing product.

SACE liquid highlighter

This applies nicely however when I blend it out it quickly separates into individual glitters which is not a look I enjoy. I’ve been using this only on my brow bone and inner corner as I don’t like it’s effect on my cheeks. This is also another slow moving project pan product.

Stila Magnificent Metals Ballet Baby

This is the project pan product that is my slowest progressing as it’s not every day that I want to wear a full eyelid of glitter eyeshadow. Mostly I use this in my inner corner and along my bottom lash line. When I wear it like that it really brightens my eyes and makes them look wide and awake which is good for me!

In terms of my everyday makeup look that I create from these products, it’s a light smokey eye, sometimes spiced up with a little glitter from the Stila shadow. I’ll insert a photo below to show you the how it looks.

I wanted to share with you all my method of using up my project pan products. By creating a small group that I tell myself to use everyday then I have found that I will use up the products a lot faster rather than only wearing one or two of the products mixed in with the rest of my collection.

Obviously if I really want to use some of my other makeup then I will, this just gives me a daily goal to tick off that aids in the completion of my project pan.

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