Project Pan November Update

One month on and I’m back to talk about the progress of my project pan.

This month was very up and down in terms of my usage of my project pan products. For the first few weeks I was making myself use them everyday however then life got in the way and my plans were put on the backburner for the last couple of weeks. So in terms of actually finishing off any products I wasn’t able to get through as many as I wanted to. However there were a couple of significant steps that I was happy to achieve.

At the start of the month my project pan looked like this: I had nine products ranging through makeup, perfume and skincare.

At the end of the month this is my progress. I successfully finished two of the nine I started with and made visible progress in the other products so overall I’m quite pleased with my last months work. Of the products that I didn’t finish I felt like I made big steps to definitely finishing them before the end of the year so that was also good to achieve.

After finishing two products during the last month I wanted to keep the good efforts going and so I have added another two makeup products into the project bringing the total back up to nine. I’ll insert a photo of the new group below.

(sorry forgot the healing powder in the photo so I had to edit it in later!)

I’ll now insert the individual progress shots for each product that can show a bit more detail into my usage. Unfortunately due to the opaque packaging of the Shiseido Smart Filtering Smoother I can’t photograph or feel its progress at all so that will be a pleasant surprise when I finish it! However all of the other products I can keep track of.

With the Colour correcting palette, technically I have not used up all of the shades however as far as I am concerned I have finished the product as neither the purple nor pink shades can be used to correct anything on my skin tone. What I learnt through owning this palette is that I’ll never buy a colour correcting palette again because only half of the shades can be used to correct on my skin tone and as such it’s a waste to buy a whole palette like this, at least for me.

The other full product I finished was the Akau Aroha sunscreen/lip balm that I purchased from my local markets. It’s ingredients were entirely natural so I ended up applying this over my décolletage as I didn’t like it’s flavour on my lips. It was good to use another natural sunscreen however I wouldn’t use this again purely because the formula was a little too sticky for my liking.

These are the initial progress shots of the two new products I’m adding into this project pan, I’ll compare to them next month with hopefully a lot of progress!

Once again, what this project pan is really helping me to understand is how long it takes me to finish my makeup. It really helps to give me perspective when I see the latest highlighter or eyeshadow palette come out. I am able think further than my initial want and know from experience exactly how long it would take me to finish that product and how many other highlighters and eyeshadow palettes I already own that I am also working through.

It’s also very satisfying to actually finish a product completely through proper use. Not passing it on to a friend half way through or waiting until it expires but to use it up entirely, it really feels like an accomplishment to me. I used to feel happy and excited when I bought new makeup and this project pan has shifted my feelings to enjoy using up my makeup instead.

Well, that’s all I wanted to talk about in this update, I’ll see you in a months time for my November update with hopefully some more products finished off!

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