Products that work on my neutral undertoned, pale skin

Something that I have struggled with while wearing makeup is finding products that look nice on my fair skin. It’s not a problem I have with eyeshadows, which I am thankful for, however face products can be very difficult for me to use without going overboard on the pigmentation.

Up until mid 2018 in fact, I don’t think I owned any foundation, concealer, bronzer or contour that I could apply quickly, without too much focus and not end up looking like a mess. As of now, the beginning of October 2019, I am very happy to say that I’ve found three out of those four products that are perfect for my skin.

I only started thinking of this topic when I hit pan on my holy grail blush and realised I was scared at the thought of not having it in my makeup collection. I need that blush as my fail safe product for when all else is lost I know it will work on my pale skin and I’ll look great because of it. I then thought about how long and hard I had searched for a foundation shade that was pale enough for my skin while also having a neutral undertone. Too often when foundations go very light, they also lean towards cool undertones and they’re much too pink for me to use.

A few days later this thought path finds me writing this post to share with you all my fail safe pale skin products in the hopes that it might help anyone else out here who also finds themselves searching for light bronzers and almost white concealers.

My fail safe makeup products:


Currently I have three foundations that are light enough to match me with a close enough neutral undertone that I need and they are:

  • BH Cosmetics Naturally Flawless Foundation

  • Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation 110 Porcelain

  • RMS Beauty “un” Cover-Up – Shade 000

(If I’m being really honest the RMS might even be a touch too light so even better for anyone who is paler than me!)

The BH Cosmetics formula is medium-buildable with a very glowy, natural finish. It builds easily and wears nicely, if I wasn’t oily skinned this would be my favorite foundation.

The Maybelline foundation is currently my go-to due to it’s mattifying formula. It also has a more yellow undertone which works really well on my skin, it’s coverage is lighter than the BH Cosmetics however and can be tricky to build.

Finally the RMS Beauty formula is the most natural I have. It can blend in seamlessly with my skin however it too leans on the dewy side and so doesn’t last as long on my oily skin.


For concealer my perfect match is the Makeup Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer in the shade C1. This has been great for my spot concealing. It’s not too thick where it looks cakey but it’s pigmented enough that it will cover any red, inflamed skin and still blend out naturally. It matches my skin tone perfectly and I know I can always rely on it. And if you’re paler than me they also stock a pure white shade.


For blush my holy grail is the Covergirl TruBlend Blush in Light Rose. It’s beautiful on my skin and matches my undertone so that I look lightly flushed and healthy when I wear this. It also has a slight sheen to it that creates it’s skin-like finish.


My favourite highlighters are the Colourpop Flexitarian Super Shock Highlighter and the RMS Magic Luminzer.

The RMS Magic Luminzer was actually a gift that I received and I have seen the light since it’s been with me. It’s a cream highlighter with a balm like texture and a pearly, champagne finish that gives me skin like the models you see in magazines.

Colourpop Flexitarian gives me an almost wet effect once applied and its tone is very similar to my skin. I have to brush this onto my cheeks gently however because it can become very blinding very easily and I don’t always want that much.


Bronzers are a funny product for me. Technically I do have a couple of products that I reach for and can apply liberally without over doing it however, technically, they aren’t “bronzers”.

My two go to products are the Fyrinnae Finishing Powder: Bollywood Sorcery and the Red Earth Pressed Setting Powder: 01 Natural.

Because my skin tone it so light with a very neutral undertone, it’s really difficult for me to find bronzers that aren’t too dark or too orange. So the solution that I have found is to use setting powders. The formula is usually very soft and smoothing, some have shimmer and some are matte and they’ll last all day and occasionally have added benefits such as being mattifying.

In terms of a product that’s created and sold as a bronzer, the Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer Light is the best matte bronzer I’ve been able to find. It’s very light and not too orange so I can apply this quite liberally and while it can lean a little tan if I apply too many layers if I build it up lightly it warms up my face without having me look like a carrot.

Those are all of my current fail safe pale skin products. I won’t be finding any new ones soon as I am on a no-buy year however if, in the future, I do find some extra’s I’ll be sure to create an updated post sharing them with you!

I hope this post has been able to lend some help to anyone else who, like me, finds themselves searching for light foundations with neutral undertones and not orange bronzers. I know I don’t have a huge amount of products to show however they’re what I’ve been using and loving this year and I wanted to share them for anyone else as well.

I also remember taking screen shots from phyrra’s Instagram, she also has pale skin and a great collection of light foundations. I’ll include some of her swatches below, if you want to see some more check out her Instagram too.

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