OXX Lipgloss Set

I was browsing my local Kmart the other day for clothing actually, when I walked past the beauty section and saw the display of this OXX Lipgloss Set. As you would know if you follow this blog, I am an avid lover of lip gloss, it’s my preferred lip product to wear. So when I saw this set of 10 different coloured glossed for AUD$8.00 I was sold. I bought one that day along with a few dresses actually, so it was a pretty successful trip.

OXX Lipgloss Set
OXX Lipgloss Set
OXX Lipgloss Set swatched

OXX is a brand that I’ve only seen in Kmart so I assume that it is their own cosmetic line. I have previously tried an eyeshadow quad from them and loved it so I was looking forward to testing their lip gloss formula too. The first day I bought these, I got home and opened it up, tested each shade on my lips and wore the formula for a couple of hours.

My Experience

Speaking of the formula, these are very comfortable glosses. They’re not sticky or clumpy but they are thick enough that they will wear for a couple of hours before I need to reapply. However even though I had been excited at the prospect of 10 different gloss shades, these are not very opaque. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the shades once they were on my lips. Between the palest and the darkest you can, however the ones in the middle can blur into each other. In saying that, I’m not mad. I still have 10 pretty, comfortable glosses for less than $1 each so I’m happy to add these to my collection.

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