OXX Eyeshadow Quad Palette

I bought this when I was not yet brave enough to enter Sephora and so I shopped Target for all my makeup. And I think this eyeshadow quad serves as a reminder not to brush off cheap makeup because it’s actually quite decent considering I paid AUD$2.00 for it. Really for that price, it’s a great little quad.

I was drawn to the blue colours in this when I first saw it, which is funny to me now because blue is the colour of eyeshadow I wear the least so these days the bronze shades appeal to me more.

As far as quality goes it does vary between shades but honestly for someone getting into makeup or looking for affordable options, quads and duo eyeshadow options like these are great. Every shade performed really well except for the dark navy blue however even then the quality is enough that I know I can make something nice out of it and it will be able to handle a day of wear.

The only downside is that all the shades are a shimmer finish, however I’m not a stickler for needing a matte transition so was able to get a range of looks out of this easily.

Because the quality drops so drastically in the navy blue shade I can’t say it’s a perfect little quad however even if one shade performs below the others, I’m not mad considering it only cost me $2. In fact I’ll give it bonus points because I was so impressed at the quality considering the price point. If I was in Target and saw another quad or duo in different shades that interested me I would buy it, because for that price I don’t mind if one colour has less pigment, they’re a handy little set to have. I can see them being especially useful for chucking in a handbag or taking on a trip.

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