Organising my single shadows

A little while ago I saw an Instagram post featuring the ModelRock SHADOW BIBLE® and immediately it looked to be the solution to my cluttered makeup collection.

The ModelRock Shadow Bible is a storage solution made up of 5 layers of empty magnetic palettes that are stacked on top of each other, likening to a book that you can open and browse. The top 4 layers can be removed and then stacked in any order, connecting to each other through magnets in each palette.

As you all know, I discovered depotting earlier this year and have since gone through more than half of the eyeshadow palettes in my collection, depotting the pans and using the single shadows to create my own custom palettes.

However this depotting craze led to a situation in which my makeup collection was now becoming cluttered with all of my custom palettes and the depotting that I had started doing to simplify my collection was starting to backfire on me. So when I saw this Shadow Bible it looked like the perfect solution, a stack of empty magnetic palettes that was compact yet still allowed me the freedom to create my own custom edits.

So when I went online to see where I could buy this Shadow Bible and found that it was on sale for AUD$20.00 I was very excited. I purchased one immediately and waited no-so-patiently until it arrived a few days later.

Packaging Quality

The Shadow Bible felt lightweight when it was empty, the packaging is cardboard however the individual palettes inside felt sturdy. The plastic covers are light however that’s all they need to be and for the price I paid I wasn’t expecting anything more.

All of the magnets have a strong grip to each other, I’m never worried about about the palettes detaching from each other or for my eyeshadow pans to fall out. I also really like the graphics of the packaging, the dark fade on the cover is very sleek and allows me to see through to my shadows while still looking like a coherent and curated palette.

After I’ve packed it full of my single eyeshadow pans it’s quite weighty now, I wouldn’t pack this to travel as it’s far too thick however it has freed up a lot of space in my makeup drawers after I was able to depot a few bulky palettes.


The Shadow Bible is designed to reduce the clutter of your makeup collection and it does exactly that. The size of it’s individual palettes is a happy medium, allowing for a lot of shadows while being small enough to fit into any drawer or even a makeup kit.

I have no complaints about how many eyeshadow pans I was able to fit into the Shadow Bible, with five layers of palettes to fill I was able to drastically reduce the amount of space my eyeshadows were previously taking up in my collection.

The palettes are also big enough that you would comfortably be able to depot your face palettes (blush, highlighter etc.) and sort them to your liking using this Shadow Bible.


As you might have already deduced, I love this ModelRock SHADOW BIBLE®. It has allowed me to reduce the amount of space my eyeshadow was taking up in my collection for a very affordable price.

By having five layers in the one book it allows me to curate a whole eyeshadow collection while also having each palette be its own color story.

The quality of the packaging is as-good-as or better than my other empty magnetic palettes and the compactness and creativity of storage space has really changed the depotting game for me.

I don’t have any more eyeshadow palettes left that I want to depot however if I decide in the future to reduce my collection even more, I’ll be looking into buying another one of these before anything else.

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