NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Stockholm

I bought this long ago when I was still caught up in the initial wave of liquid lipsticks and wanted this because it was recommended online as a nice, cheaper option than some other brands.

I am now older and wiser and know that I don’t like super matte lipsticks, which is usually what a liquid lipstick will be, however I will say that this isn’t the worst matte lipstick I’ve tried.

This was also not the colour I was going for, I wanted a nude (which for me is very pale) but there wasn’t a colour like that in stock so I left the store with this shade instead. I’ve worn this a few times, as I said I prefer gloss to matte so I haven’t worn this too much, but I feel like it’s been enough that I can give this a quick review.

If you’re someone who likes matte lipsticks and wears them often then this is a good option for a more affordable liquid lipstick. It cost me AUD$12.95 and it is a pretty comfortable matte lip. It is drying, of course, however I can wear it for a whole day and not have it drive me crazy and that’s pretty good for me.

The Review

The pigmentation can be built up from a light stain to a full lip however I have found that it will catch in any patches on my lips and I really don’t have many but it still managed to find them and settle in. So because of that I’d recommend these as an affordable option for people but know that they will settle into any patches as they dry down.

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