NYX Colourful Mascaras Review

I went through a huge phase of wanting colourful mascaras and these NYX Colour Mascaras were exactly what I needed to achieve that look.

I will say that colourful mascaras are not something I wear everyday however I love the editorial effect they provide and how much of a statement look I can make using them.

These NYX Colour Mascaras came in a variety of shades and the three that I picked were Coral Reef, Perfect Pear and Mint Julep.

The packing is slim line and the outside matches the colour of the mascara which I appreciate.

The wand for all three mascaras is very thin and straight which does make it slightly tricky to apply as it doesn’t have any natural curl to match your eye shape. However the formula is very pigmented and latches on well to my lashes, I can get a good amount of colour with one coat and some serious pigmentation with two coats.

The formula of this is perhaps slightly lengthening however it doesn’t add any volume or thickness to my lashes. It coats them evenly in pigmentation but that’s all they do for enhancing your lashes. I’m lucky that I have naturally long lashes however I think if you wanted volume or serious lengthening then you’d want more from this formula.

Once dry this mascara wears well with minimal to no flaking however I have noticed that it can run with enough moisture.

If you want colourful mascaras then these NYX mascaras will provide plenty of pigmentation however neither the formula nor the wand will do anything to curl or add volume to your lashes.

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