Nudestix Blur Pencil

It’s a good thing I received this as a promo gift because if I’d paid AUD$35.00 for this I’d be writing a complaint email asking for my money back. This is by far the worst makeup product I’ve ever used. I don’t even know if I can call it a primer because it doesn’t prime your skin at all however that is what it’s labelled as.

According to Sephora this Blur Pencil is supposed to act as an instant line, crease and pore-blurring pencil for a flawless looking complexion. After using this multiple times now I can confirm that it does none of that. What is actually does is lay down a transparent layer that makes absolutely no difference to how your skin looks but is extremely tacky and sticky to touch.

When I say this primer is tacky I don’t mean the good tacky that makes your foundation opaque and smooth, I mean it’s so tacky that no matter what products I use or how I apply them over the top, they becomes patchy, clotted and gross. I’ve tried applying different foundations over this primer using brushed, sponges and my fingers and every time my skin looks so cakey that I have to take my makeup off and use a different primer.

After reading other reviews of this product online I have found that the only time it seems to receive positive feedback is for people using this as a lip primer for cracked and dry lips and while I’ve yet to test out that theory, it wouldn’t make a difference to this review.

For what this product is advertised and marketed to do, it does none of it.

It doesn’t fill in my pores, it doesn’t blur any fine lines and it doesn’t plump or rehydrate my skin. It’s so sticky that I cannot use it on my face if I want to apply literally anything over the top.

I don’t have photos to show how it works on my face because I honestly just didn’t want to put it on, so I’ve tried to demonstrate how it looks using the back of my hand. But trust me, I don’t recommend this and I don’t think you should spend any money on it.

The Review

Absolutely not. I would think this was a April fools joke for how awful of a product this is. I don’t even want to call it a primer because it definitely doesn’t prime your skin. The only thing this product does is makes your so skin tacky and sticky that anything else you apply over the top will be patchy and gross looking. Do not buy this, I can’t think of any way that this would work as a primer.

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