November Empties

November Empties

It’s getting close to the end of this year and the end of my 2020 project. Because of that I’m trying to finish off a few products that have been sitting in my drawers close to empty. So this month has been a bit of a mix of product empties.


Dr. Lipp Lip Tint Red Radish

This has been my favourite balm formula ever. Thick and healing without being sticky or gloopy. It keeps my lips soft and hydrated for a very long time considering it’s a balm. The tint isn’t strong but it will colour my lips nicely. I’ve already bought it in another shade.

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Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick Beautiful Stranger

These are not what I would call full matte lipsticks, more like matte with a bit of a satin finish. This shade was a nice brown with pink undertones that was pigmented and creamy to apply. I don’t normally wear matte lip formulas as I don’t like the dry sensation but these are very comfortable on the lips. I also wore this on my cheeks as a cream blush many times with great success.

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Mirenesse Stick Up & Glow Cream Blush & Highlighter

I bought this on sale as I’d never heard of the brand before and was curious to try the two in one application. Unfortunately both the blush and highlighter formulas did not perform well, either on their own or together. The highlighter would ruin makeup underneath it and left only glitter on my cheeks. The blush was pigmented and could be blended out smoothly however it was thicker than my other cream products so it was still a little difficult to work with.

Flower Beauty Pore-Minimizing Primer

This primer is supposed to provide you with a soft-focus matte finish which I would say is slightly incorrect. I found this would softly blur my pores however the texture was more like a thin moisturiser which left a natural skin finish. Applying this primer felt like an added boost of hydration before my makeup. I don’t know if this drastically improved the wear time of my makeup however it would create a soft, smooth base to apply my product onto which I liked.

BH Cosmetics Naturally Flawless Foundation

I liked this foundation for two main reasons. Firstly it has light enough shades that match my skin tone nearly perfectly and secondly its formula is easy to work with and looks very natural on my skin. I prefer a more natural makeup look so the slightly dewy/satin finish of this foundation is perfect. Also it’s only $11 to buy.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

I bought two facial oils from The Body Shop which is good because I would have judged them harshly if I’d only tried this. This will sound strange to describe an oil but it was a thin, slippy formula that didn’t feel like it sunk into my skin. It’s a serum-in-oil which might explain the odd consistency but I really didn’t like it. I also didn’t see any amazing changes to my skin from using this.

Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque

I thought this was going to be similar in texture to the L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Masks which I like however it was not. This clay formula applied smoothly and set down with time however it was difficult to remove. I would wash the masque away with water until my skin appeared clean however I would feel like there was a greasy film left sitting on my skin. I did not like this masque.

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Miss Dior Eau De Toilette Roller Pearl

I always like wearing a little fragrance and this Miss Dior Roller Pearl is the perfect solution for on the go application. The fragrance itself is lovely and floral and lasts well throughout the day. I’ve enjoyed wearing this and have received a number of compliments which is always good with perfume.

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Klorane SOS Scalp Serum

My scalp will sometimes dry out and I like to have something on hand to soothe it. This serum feels like I’m spraying water into my hair however I do think it did a good job of refreshing my hair and calming my irritated scalp. I wouldn’t rely on it for any serious healing though.

Essano Body Scrub

This body scrub has a gel base with various sized particles intended to scrub at your skin. I found the particles in this scrub were quite larger and harsh on my skin. I also didn’t feel like the ratio of gel and particles was correct and it mostly felt like a rough body wash. Also, like most body scrubs, the particles leave a mess in the shower.

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