Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

By now we should all know how much I rely on hand creams to keep my skin soft and healthy. I can’t be without one and this Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream is the latest to come into my collection.

This is one of the smallest tubes of hand cream that I’ve seen which was a little off putting however the label promised more than 200 applications in the one tube.

I was very skeptical of that claim however I purchased one of these hand creams because if that did turn out to be true than surely this would be the most amazing formula ever.

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream

The Formula

I have since now finished this tube so I can give my complete thoughts on the formula which are that it’s not the type of hand cream that I like.

This is a very thick formula so going off the 200+ applications I would only apply a tiny dab of this onto the back of my hand. And while it is a thick gel that does keep my skin well moisturised, it’s very difficult to spread such a tiny amount over both of my hands.

I think something like that 200+ application catchphrase sounds good for marketing however doesn’t really work out in real life. So while I did only need a little bit to keep my hands very soft I definitely couldn’t get this to last for more than 200 applications.

Also because the formula was so thick to moisturise more with less, I found it took that idea a little too far to the point where the hand cream was difficult to spread around and I would end up rubbing my hands a little raw just trying to spread a tiny dab of this over my skin.

The Review

In the end I wasn’t a fan of this hand cream. To me it comes across as a great idea created in a lab with good theory as to only needing a tiny amount however when put into practise it’s not exactly ideal.

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