Nature Love Turmeric Face mask

I grabbed this pack of face masks when I was in a TKmaxx the other day. It came as a five pack which is convenient and I was intrigued by the combination of honey and turmeric extract.

This comes like any other sheet mask, folded into its packet and soaked in the serum. One thing I noticed as a first was that this mask is just too small to fit properly on my face. I’d never had this problem before but it means that the mask wont sit against the skin underneath my eyes and around my nose which is a problem area of mine so I’d like the full impact of the mask to reach that area.

Once I had the mask settled it was immediately soothing to my skin with its cool serum. I left it to sit on my face for around 20 minutes and by the end it was drying out it patches.

When I peeled the mask off there was some serum left on my skin that I was able to pat into my face. I then proceeded with the rest of my skincare routine and my skin was left glowing and plump.

I didn’t see any huge changes in my skin aside from being very hydrated and plump from the serum. It also had a nice soothing and cooling effect which was refreshing.

I don’t think I would buy this pack again, purely due to the fact that the masks didn’t quite fit my face. Otherwise they were soothing and hydrating.

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