My Travel Makeup Bag

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately! Today I returned from a week long work trip/holiday to Sydney and I’ll be back to posting more regularly now.

Continuing with my Sydney trip, I thought it would be an interesting change from my normal reviews to show you what I packed in my travel makeup bag and compare that to what I ended up using.

My travel makeup was condensed enough to fit into one bag while also being varied enough that I was also able to find inspiration and exciting options no matter how I was feeling each day. As I’ve been going through a no foundation phase recently I didn’t have to worry about my base products bulking up the bag, what filled my travel kit the most was eyeshadow and cheek products.

The climate I flew into was predicted to be humid and raining and for once the prediction was right. So in the end, I only packed makeup that I knew could get through a humid, rainy day. I also know that when I’m travelling there’s not a set schedule like what I sometimes have at home so some days I didn’t even wear makeup if I found I didn’t have the time.

With all that being said, here is what I packed in my travel makeup bag for five days away:

When I write the list down it looks like a lot but it all fits into my little travel bag which is absolutely tiny when I consider that my whole makeup collection needs about five drawers. As you can see it’s a bit of a mix between traditional “work appropriate” colours and then my usual neon’s and shiny things that I like to put on my face.

In the categories in which I only took one product, it’s the product that I know is going to go with every look and not let me down. Both the bronzer and the blush look very natural on me so I know they’ll go with everything while also making me look very healthy and radiant.

In the categories where I’ve got a couple of options that is either because one product is more time consuming and the other is quicker for days when I’m in a hurry or to give me the option between neutral and colourful. I like doing this because I don’t want to be limited in the categories like eyeshadow or highlighting; in those areas I often bring out my creativity so I don’t mind taking up extra space for that.

So that is what I took for my trip to Sydney. As I have just returned and unpacked everything I was pleased when I realised that I had used every product at least once, most multiple times. I never had a moment when I thought my eyeshadow wouldn’t match my outfit so I covered all my bases with the two palettes I chose. However there were a few categories that I would have changed in retrospect and those were the highlighters and the blush.

In regards to the highlighter I was quite happy with the DB Vivid Glow Illuminator Palette as it gave me the colourful highlighters I sometimes feel like. What I had an issue with was the RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer. Even though it was one of my top products of 2018, because it’s a cream formula I really have to think beforehand about my makeup to be sure the base products I use are going to suit it well. Too often when I was getting ready on my travels I would apply my base as per usual which includes me setting everything with powder, so when it came time to apply my highlighter I would realise that it’s a cream and therefore works best over the top of skin or other cream products. When I apply it over powder it doesn’t have the same glowy, skin effect and by the end of the trip I found myself wishing I’d bought my Crop Baked Sculpting and Perfecting Powder, which is a beautiful highlight that also doubles as a bronzer/blush too.

The blush I bought was the other product that I wished was different by the end of the trip. Now the Clarins blush is beautiful don’t get me wrong, however it’s very pigmented on my pale skin and some days when I wanted just a light flush of colour I knew it would be overdone if I used the Clarins blush. So I think next time I would pack another blush that has a lighter effect and the two of those would cover all of my needs.

Both of the eyeshadow palettes I bought on this trip were a bit of a risk because I’d never used either of them before, however I’d done some swatches and thought their combined colour range should have everything covered and this trip would give me the perfect opportunity to use them. I will be giving a full review of both in the future however I will say quickly that the Suqqu palette was gorgeous on my business days and the pigmentation from the Makeup Revolution palette was crazy so they both look promising for now!

That’s all that I wanted to talk about in this post, I just wanted to show you what I pack to travel with and how much room it takes up. I’ll include a couple of photos below of some makeup looks I wore when I was in Sydney so you can see how they turned out.

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