My Project Pan Travel Makeup Bag

As I am currently away from home for around three weeks I thought I would walk you through the products I packed this time in my travel makeup bag.

I have made a previous post with the makeup I packed to take to Sydney for a week however this trip was a little longer and I am also doing a Project Pan at the moment which I was not previously and I wanted to see how this would affect my bag.

Normally packing my travel makeup bag is a stressful time for me which ends, always, with basically half of my collection stuffed into a bag that’s too small. To combat that problem I have been working on being really tough with my choices and only packing one or two products from each category and I think this is the first trip where I’m seeing the good results from that.

The main points of consideration for this trip were space, weather and activities. For space, I hadn’t seen the house yet and so I didn’t know how much room I was going to have and so I was cautious and didn’t pack big products or too many products that might not be able to fit on my bathroom counter.

As for weather, we are currently moving from the Australian Spring to Summer so I knew it was going to be hot and dry. This meant that I opted for lighter base products and more matte finishing products.

And finally for activities I had already planned a few day trips to local parks, beaches and the like so once again I knew I wasn’t going to bother with anything too heavy or anything I knew wouldn’t last a long day of wear.

So with all of the above to consider, this is what I packed for my recent three weeks away.

the makeup I packed for 3 weeks of travel



I’m not going to list off every brush that I bought, mostly because a lot of them are cheap ones I got off Amazon and don’t have names… but I will tell you my main favourites that I bring with me everywhere.

As for the rest, it’s an interchanging range of whatever is clean at the time of packing. I’ve been using my fingers to blend a lot lately so my brushes aren’t taking up much packing space anymore.

Have I used everything I packed?

Actually yes! Usually it would be no however this time most of the products I brought along were from my Project Pan so I’ve been dedicatedly using them everyday.

I have also, while I’m away, been able to finish off a couple of those Project Pan products so you’ll see those completed in my next monthly update!

Did I forget anything?

Yep, eyeshadow primer.

Which is a big deal for me because my hooded, oily eyelids will destroy any nice eyeshadow if I don’t prime first. So I’ve been making my eyeshadow looks start off as grungy and then it’s on trend when they becomes progressively more smudged as the day goes on.

Overall my packing for this trip was not a bad job as far as I’m concerned! I didn’t forget too many things, nor did I over pack and waste precious clothing space.

I think being in the middle of my Project Pan decided a lot of the products for me which also limited how much I could over pack by which ended up being a good thing!

I’ll be interested in seeing how my makeup packing goes if I’m not doing a Project Pan the next time I go away… I might revert back to bringing my whole collection! We’ll see.

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