My Favourite Morphe Face Brushes

I wanted to share with you my top three Morphe face brushes to apply foundation, concealer and powder.

I usually wear as light of a base that I can get away with so I like my brushes to apply an even, natural layer of product without any streaking or patchiness. And while part of that application is down to my products there is also a large responsibility in my chosen makeup brushes to perform in a high standard.

Morphe brushes seem to be mentioned a lot online when people are talking about affordable beauty options. Unfortunately when Morphe finally came to Australia I can’t really say they were in a price range that I would typically call “affordable”. While they’re not in the same price range as many high end, luxury brands they also don’t sit with, what I think of as, our cheaper cosmetics options.

With that all being said, I have gradually acquired a small group of Morphe brushes and today I’ll go over my top three to use for applying my base makeup products.

Y11 Deluxe Pointed Contour

Technically this is a contour brush however I use it to lightly dust and sweep my setting powder around my T-zone. It’s tapered point allows me to get right beneath my eyes and around my nose quickly yet without applying too heavy of a layer.

Y6 Pro Flat Buffer Brush

This is a large brush so I don’t use it all the time. It’s perfect for when I want to quickly and smoothly brush a light layer of foundation over my face to even out my skin tone. It’s very dense but also super soft so I can build up my makeup in layers without having to worry about streaking or messing up the makeup underneath. This is also available as a black brush, the M6.

M536 Under Eye Bullet Brush

This is my most used foundation and concealer brush. It’s my all rounder that I can use to buff and blend my foundation out over a large area or to target any specific areas that need concealing. It’s a fairly stiff brush which I like for concealing however there’s enough give in it to get a smooth blend without any streaks.

Well those are my top three face brushes from Morphe. As of now I’ve amassed enough of a brush collection that I shouldn’t need anymore for the foreseeable future so I’m glad that I have my base sorted with these ones.

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