My Beauty Expenses in 2018

While I’ve been buying makeup for many years now it was only part way through 2018 that I started to keep a track of that spending.

The results of my expenses, after 5 months of tracking them, were so shocking to me that I began 2019 as my no-buy year in an attempt to reset my mindset and drastically reduce my purchases.

My spending with makeup had never been excessive until I started watching YouTube tutorials and following all of the beauty influencers online. When they would flash the latest beauty release and gush about how it was their favourite product of all time (when they’d just tried it five minutes before) I would add it to a rapidly increasing wish list that I would inevitably end up purchasing all of.

So while I lived, happily, off the same five makeup products for the first year or so of me wearing makeup, within the next year I had transformed into a religious follower of beauty gurus and was spending hundreds of dollars each month in an attempt to keep up with the ever changing trends.

Eventually, what brought about me keeping track of my expenses was the feeling of guilt I would get when I received my fifth parcel of the month and my family started asking what they all were. I began to question how much makeup I was buying, and that excitement of having new products quickly faded into shame when I could no longer fit my makeup into the six drawers I had left in my bedroom.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m shaming people who buy a lot of makeup. The issue for me was that I was working a part-time job and my makeup was costing me more each month than most of my other living expenses combined. The guilt I felt when my family questioned my purchases was because I didn’t want to tell them it was makeup I buying every week because then I would be forced to admit to myself and them that I didn’t actually have the money to be affording it.

Cut to now, nearing the end of 2019, and I haven’t bought makeup in nine months! This is a very big achievement for me as I am successfully working to becoming a better and more conscious spender.

As I’m trying to change my consumer behavior and am recording it through this blog I want to start posting about my monthly budget and tracking with you all how I spend my money and reduce my expenses.

So to show a proper comparison I will briefly go over my spending throughout the latter months of 2018 in which I was not budgeting myself, nor was I on any no-buy or considering my makeup expenses at all.

In the table below, you will see only my expenses for makeup and skincare. No accessories, clothing or home wares as I’ve also been tracking since the beginning of this year, 2019.

My makeup spending in the last 5 months of 2018

Now, I don’t know what you’re spending situation is. Maybe that doesn’t look like a lot of money to you, maybe it does. The problem that I saw when I totaled my spending together was that my expenses each month were exceeding my income.

Not only was I spending more that I was using up, but I was spending more than I was making period. With my living expenses taken out of my monthly income I definitely didn’t have enough spare money left to be spending that much on unnecessary beauty products.

This was a realisation I came to particularly after the black Friday sales in November, when my spending hit it’s highest peak. And so I tried, during December to limit myself to buying less makeup and using more of my own products.

As you can see from the totals of December, that plan didn’t work. As I have learnt from other previous endeavors I am not good at limiting myself. I need to quit, cold turkey, with very hard, restrictive rules for me to actually stick to a plan like this.

And so at the beginning of 2019 I started my current year long no-buy of any new makeup and skincare. And so far it has worked perfectly. I have not broken my rules and bought any additional makeup or skincare for the past nine months. (If you want to read the rules and restrictions of my no-buy I’ll link the blog post here.)

I have continued to track my spending throughout my no-buy year and I’ll put up another post soon detailing the start of my no-buy year and how I ended up creating a monthly budget to go alongside my no-buy, but I’ll leave that for the next post.

As for this post, I just wanted to give you all a little background about my spending situation and why I began my year long no-buy and my monthly budget.

If any of the talk about overspending, or guilty buying has resonated with you then I would absolutely recommend you start tracking your own expenses and seeing if the results surprise you as they did with me.

Since starting my no-buy and monthly budgets I have completely changed as a consumer and will continue to improve my spending habits and purchasing choices for the future as well.

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