My 2019 Beauty Favourites

2019 was a completely new experience for me in terms of my relationship with beauty products. At the start of January I embarked on a year long no-buy of any new makeup or skincare and so I spent the entire year relearning my own beauty collection and by doing so finding the gems that I had already owned scattered throughout the pack.

So as 2019 is now drawing to a close I wanted to write my usual yearly summary of my favourite beauty products however with the twist for this year being that most of them are products that I already owned when this year started. This also means that they were products I had available to pick for my 2018 favourites and yet at that point in time, they didn’t stand out to me. It has only been through this past year of using the beauty products I already owned that I have been able to fully test out and appreciate a lot of my collection and so my favourites for this year are without a doubt, tried, tested and approved.

My Favourite Beauty Products of 2019

Cinch Face Cheat(er) Moisturising Cream + Glow

This is the only skincare item I’ve chosen to include here and it’s also the only new product to my collection from these favourites. This moisturiser was everywhere on Instagram a little while ago and it sounded like the perfect one and done cream and primer product. So when I ran out of my day cream moisturiser I purchased this as a replacement for that and have fallen in love with it in the time since.

The formula of this cream is light yet moisturising, it sinks in quickly and leaves your skin glowing and soft. It almost has a slight pearlescent effect when my skin catches the light just right which is stunning and makes me look healthy and fresh after I apply it. Thankfully, nothing about this moisturiser makes my skin look oily, which I suffer from naturally, so I don’t have to worry about that.

Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit

This is such an old product in my collection and I really do love it. It’s also currently one of the last products that’s still going in my Project Pan so I’ve been wearing it nearly constantly for the past six months.

This year I have been mostly impressed by the bronzer and contour formulas as I had already finished the highlighter long ago and had barely any of the banana shade left. So for the bronzer and contour, both are matte and neither are too warm or too dark for my pale skin tone. They apply and blend out easily and wear well for hours on end, I don’t own many other matte bronzers and I really enjoy wearing this one.

Surratt Beauty Lip Lustre – Oh La La

I won this lip gloss in an Instagram competition last year and I’m so glad that I did because it’s not a product that I would have bought on my own. I’d not really known about Surratt Beauty beforehand however when I received this gloss and saw how beautiful the formula looked in person I was soon online and researching what else they make like this.

I will say that this gloss definitely leans towards a thicker formula than most and while I know many people don’t like that, I’m the opposite. I like a gloss that stays put and doesn’t slip around like oil so this formula really suits me. The colour is so sheer it’s basically translucent however the tiny glitters are so pretty and reflective that I feel very feminine and happy whenever I wear this. Aside from the formula the doe foot applicator is nice, as is the packaging so when I inevitably finish this gloss in the coming months I’ll be setting aside some of my budget and looking at their other shades in this line to replace it.

Elie Saab Perfumes

These are another set of products that have been in my Project Pan this year. I started the year with four minis and am ending it with only one left. Each of these perfumes are in the same line of scent however they all differed enough for me to love and enjoy wearing each one separately.

I would sum up these Elie Saab fragrances as being floral and warm, with wood and honey mixed throughout the various floral notes. The scent will wear well on my skin throughout an average day and I have received many compliments from people about my good smell so they must be nice to other people also!

Colourpop Flexitarian Super Shock Highlighter

The formula of this highlighter is absolutely divine. It’s the perfect combination between a cream and powder product and it wears beautifully over both. This is also the perfect highlighter for my tastes as it contains no glitters at all, and although the highlighting effect can still be blinding with this product it’s an almost wet looking sheen instead of individual glitters on my cheekbones.

Oxx Super Shine Lip Glosses

I have been wearing my way through the ten pack I bought of these glosses for this entire year. At the end of 2018, just after Christmas, I bought these glosses in a cheap set from my local Kmart without thinking about just how long it would take me to use ten lip glosses up. So at the start of 2019 I decided to make these my primary lip glosses to use and have successfully finished eight of that original ten.

So when I was choosing my top products for the past year and saw the remaining two shades of this gloss I realised that for 12 months I’d been using the same formula of lip gloss and still wasn’t sick of them. There’s nothing mind blowing about these, but the formula is solid. It’s not too thick or too thin, it wears really well and keeps my lips perfectly moisturised. It’s not sticky or slippy and after all this time I’m happy to have a couple of these glosses left because I know that I can rely on the formula if I need something moisturising to chuck in my hand bag.

Depotting and custom palettes

This favourite isn’t necessarily an actual product but more of a technique that I discovered this past year. Depotting, if you haven’t heard of it before, is the process of taking the individual pans out of your makeup palettes (like eyeshadow, highlighter) and putting them into empty magnetic backed palettes to enable you to minimise your collection and create your own custom colour combinations.

This technique has been an absolute game changer for me over the past few months as I haven’t been buying any new makeup, depotting my collection has allowed me to get excited about something new through my own creation. Now when I see the latest eyeshadow palette released online, and I experience that want for something new, I can pull out my depotted palettes and pick and choose from the shades I already own to produce a dupe for that new release and spend the next few weeks wearing my own version instead.

Depotting and creating my own custom palettes has definitely shifted my excitement of makeup away from new purchased an towards creation and re purposing instead and it’s been one of my favourite things I’ve found in beauty and makeup this year.

Cozzette S165 Magic Blender Brush

This is the brush that I pull out for the days when I want a very minimal look or some very precise application. It picks up and blends out product really nicely and quickly without any streaking or scratching. The bristles are super soft and the shape of the head allows me to blend or spot concealer on the go.

Shiseido 131 Foundation Brush

This foundation brush is the best that I own for smoothly and precisely applying my foundations. Its bristles are very soft and never streaky and it leaves my foundation sitting like skin without caking or applying unevenly. I never wear a thick layer of foundation so this is perfect for me to quickly blend out my foundation in the certain areas that I like to apply it.

Those were my top favourite products to use during 2019, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed the past year of beauty. 2019 was an interesting year as I’ve mentioned, not being able to buy any new makeup meant that nearly all of these favourites are products that I’ve rediscovered over the past year which I am very grateful for as it teaches me to appreciate what I own first and then buy new things after that.

If you have your own list of favourites I’d love to hear about them so please leave a comment below sharing some of your top picks!

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