Morphe High Impact Highlighter Stardust

Yay Morphe has an Australian and New Zealand site now!

I bought this when they had their 20% off introductory sale and it was something I was tossing up even buying, as it’s a coloured highlighter they can often be too pigmented for my fair skin and stand out like a stripe of colour on my cheekbones.

So let me start by saying this is not one of those beaming highlighters you will see from space, what it does instead is reflect this gorgeous duo chrome colour that makes my skin look like it’s healthy and glowing.

The first time I wore this I got a handful of compliments on it, which was good because it confirmed the suspicion I’d had when applying it that instead of looking tacky it actually looked very flattering. I’ll expand below on the pros and cons, as well as show some demo photos of it on my skin.

Honestly the single con is that it is more pink in it than the website photo alluded to. This wasn’t an issue for me because I bought this for the pink shift but I will say that it is definitely pink, don’t put this on the bridge of your nose looking for a peachy beige shine, it will be pink.

Otherwise I love everything about this, the colour, the glow, the effect and the wear time are all amazing; I wore this for nine hours and when I went to take it off I spent five minutes just watching the colour reflect before I realised I’d become distracted.

I would also say that a small side issue is the price. When Morphe is talked about online as being this incredibly affordable brand that doesn’t ring true in Australia, on our Morphe website this highlighter is AUD$21.00 not including shipping. That’s a decent amount for a single highlighter and definitely not what I would call “drug store” pricing so that also made this not quite the perfect product.

In saying that, $21 is not an unreasonable price (just more than what I call cheap) and I would absolutely recommend this to someone interested in trying a coloured highlighter that wont show off all of your pores and will leave you looking glowing and fresh.

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