Morphe Continuous Setting Mist


This was a part of the first and only haul I’ve ever purchased from Morphe, it was when they’d just opened their Australian site so I could actually afford their makeup without the incredible overseas shipping charges.

In saying that due to currency conversions to $AUD and exchange rates I don’t think the prices on our Morphe Australia website are cheap or super affordable.

Those descriptors are what I have seen as the major calling cards for Morphe – they’re a cheap and high quality makeup brand according to reviews online. Well in Australia they’re a mid-price ranged, mid quality ranged makeup brand.

This setting spray for instance was okay, it did the job and set my face but would I buy it again for AUD$23.00 plus $7.00 shipping? No, it wasn’t so good that I’d repurchase it instead of trying another brand, and $30 is not what I consider cheap or super affordable. Especially when I can buy NYX Pro Makeup Matte Setting Spray for half that and it gives me the same results.

I have yet to try the eyeshadow palette I purchased from Morphe, so unless that blows me away with it’s quality, I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore makeup from Morphe anytime soon.

Overall this was an okay setting spray, it did it’s job of blending everything together and keeping it in place for up to 8 hours. And the continuous mist really is one of the smoothest spray applications I’ve experienced.

However by the end of that eight hours I’m ready to be done for the day, I wouldn’t pick this for when I’m out all day or I’m in outside elements that might push it’s limits. For example I wore this during Australia’s winter months and it was good for 8 hours, however I wouldn’t trust it during summer.

It also isn’t good for oil control which is fine because that’s not what it’s advertised for doing, however as oil control is one of my skin concerns I do prefer setting sprays that try to keep some of my oil at bay.

So overall this was a decently good setting spray but for the price and how little it lasted me, I wont be repurchasing this.

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