Morphe 35P Plum Pleasers Artistry Palette

Morphe is a huge brand on social media and YouTube. From what I can tell they do most of their advertising through those platforms. And on those platforms, using influencers who offer discount codes on Morphe products. So because I spend a bit of time on social media I was no stranger to Morphe when they finally launched their Australian and New Zealand website.

Previously to this palette I’d never bought anything from Morphe because until they launched their Australia specific website I could never afford their products with the shipping fees from the United States. So when the new Australian Morphe site was having their initial launch and offering 20% off site wide, I bought this palette along with a few other products.

The reason I chose a plum themed eyeshadow palette was in contrast to the warm eyeshadow phase. I was over those colours so I bought an entire purple palette to try and counteract the many months of reds. With a mix of finishes from matte to shimmer to glitter I thought this would give me all the cool toned looks I could ever want or need.

Morphe 35P Plum Palette

To start with, the packaging of this palette is pretty cheap and that’s exactly what I expected as Morphe is known for being an affordable brand. There is no mirror and the plastic material is lightweight and flimsy, and this brings me to the first issue I have with Morphe.

Morphe advertise themselves as this amazing quality, affordable makeup brand however when they launched their Australian site with their Australian prices they are not what I would consider affordable products. The 35P Plum Pleasers Artistry Palette that I own is AUD$35.00 and, to me, that’s not a cheap eyeshadow palette. The James Charles palette is $59 and the Jaclyn Hill palette is $58. So maybe for people living in the United States Morphe is an affordable brand but, for me in Australia, I would definitely put Morphe alongside Sephora in terms of pricing rather than a drug store.

My Experience

Now, the quality of the eyeshadow can vary a lot, most of the shades I can be confident of their pigmentation and blendability however there are a couple that have caught me out with either fallout, patchiness or no pigmentation. Overall the mattes will blend out well and the shimmers are pigmented and won’t crease. However the main issue I’ve noticed with the palette is that there is often very little tonal different between the shades and that can make them muddy when I try and put a few of them on my eyes. Unless I’m using two drastically different shades my eyeshadow can merge together after an hour of wear and quickly lose it’s contrast and depth.

At time time I’m writing this I’ve been using the Morphe 35P Plum Pleasers Artistry Palette for over six months and I have played around with as many of the shades as I can. I lost count of exactly how many I’ve used, but I think by now I should have tried each one at least once. Overall I would say that this is a nice palette with finishes in both matte and shimmer and a huge range of purples and plums. Unfortunately I can’t say that every shade is amazing however, on the whole, most perform well enough.

I wouldn’t say race out and get this. While most of the shades perform well there are only a couple that I think are really unique and since it’s release there have been a lot of other brands putting out purple themed eyeshadow palettes. As this isn’t particularly cheap either; maybe have a look at some of the other brands before you decide on this palette. However if you decide you like the swatches from this palette then you can buy it confidently knowing it will give you plenty of plum to work with!

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