Models Own Colour Chrome Kit Copper Lustre

This eyeshadow grabbed my attention from the moment I saw it in store. Shining under the fluorescent lights this Colour Chrome kit looked like pressed metal in a pot and I wanted it on my eyes.

Out of the four options available the shade I chose was Copper Lustre and I have been using and testing it over the past many months.

This eyeshadow comes as a cream metallic shade pressed into a pot however the kit it comes in includes a mixing medium to turn the shadow into more of a liquid metal on the eyes. I choose to wear this just as the cream metallic shade from the pot as the liquefied version would crease on my hooded eyes.

As a cream metallic eyeshadow this is stunning. So richly pigmented and filled with metallic flecks of shining copper. It’s not a glitter but more of pressed flakes of metallic pigments that create a shining reflect on the eyes when caught in the light.

I apply this eyeshadow over a primer and I press my fingertip into the shadow and then pat and smear the formula onto my lids. As it’s a cream/putty formula it can be difficult to pick up on an eyeshadow brush although I can use a firm brush to blend out the edges once I’ve applied it to my lids.

Once applied this shadow will wear fairly well on my oily, hooded eyelids. As it’s a cream shadow it will have developed creases after 5-6 hours of wear however I can usually press my finger over the creases and pat them away for anther few hours.

Compared to other cream formulas it’s definitely longer wearing than many others I’ve tried and I’m comfortable applying it ahead of a long day.

As for the metallic cream formula, I experience little to no fall out throughout the day however if I am messy with my application then I can end up with glitter bits around my eyes that can be hard to get rid of.

Overall I really like this shadow. Due to its intense pigmentation and reflect it’s definitely a show stopper shade and looks stunning outside in sunlight or under direct lighting to really show it’s glossy, metallic shine.

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