MODELROCK Brow Pencil Ash Brown

MODELROCK Brow Pencil Ash Brown Review

I bought a jar of brow pomade about 4 years ago and have barely made a dent in it however I still like having a brow pencil on hand for lazy days. I’ve tried a few different brands before however this MODELROCK Brow Pencil in the shade Ash Brown was highly recommended as being the perfect cool brown colour.

I have quite dark brown hair however it’s not the warm chocolate colour I find brow pencils can tend to lean. So when this Ash brown pencil kept popping up as a nice cool toned brown I picked one up to try.

The brow pencils created by MODELROCK are created with an extra precise skinny molded 1.7mm tip. This helps to create real ‘hair-like’ strokes and precisely shape your brows. The formula is supposed to provide up to 10 hours of waterproof, smudge proof wear with a natural finish. On the opposite end of the brow pencil there is a spoolie to shape your brow hairs.

MODELROCK Uptown Brow Pencil – Ash Brown

MODELROCK Brow Pencil Ash Brown Review
MODELROCK Brow Pencil Ash Brown Review
MODELROCK Brow Pencil Ash Brown Swatch

How To

MODELROCK gives no specific instructions on how to use this brow pencil. I use it to fill in sparse areas in my brows with thin strokes. Once I’ve filled in my brows to how I like them I’ll then use the spoolie end to shape my brow hairs and that’s it. If I want extra definition I’ll apply a clear brow gel at the end to hold my brow shape in place.

My Experience

This has been one of the most user friendly brow pencils I’ve tried. The fine 1.7mm tip means I can quickly flick on some realistic looking brow hairs. Or I can fill in the shape without worrying about drawing in thick brows. The pigment is also very user friendly. Not too dark unless it’s built up so I can get a variety of shades with the one pencil.

I usually start light with this pencil. I’ll use light flicks to create realistic brow hairs to fill in any gaps in my brows. I might then fill in the end of my brow to get a bit more definition and that’s it.

The shade Ash Brown has been a great match for my natural hair colour. It’s a cool toned brown without being grey and without being too dark. If I need it to be darker I can use more pressure on application. Alternatively I can also use a light hand to create a very natural brow.

Over the period of a day the pigmentation of this brow pencil will fade slightly. However I definitely still have brows by nighttime though they might be a little lighter. The amount of fading also depends on how heavy handed I was when applying the brow pencil. I tend to go for natural brows and they end the day looking slightly faded but still in shape.

This MODELROCK Brow Pencil has been ideal for my type of brow look. It’s perfect to lightly draw in some realistic looking brow hairs without blocking out my brows. I don’t have to be overly cautious with the pigmentation and the spoolie on the opposite end adds to the overall user friendliness.

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