Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks

Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks review

I’ve been a one and done person lately when it comes to eyeshadows so these Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks seemed right up my alley. I love the idea of simple makeup that packs a punch which seems to be the theme of these cream eyeshadow sticks.

I’d seen these shadow sticks everywhere online when they’d first launched. So many beautiful swatches and good reviews that I hadn’t hesitated to buy a few shades to try out. I have naturally oily and hooded eyelids so normally cream eyeshadows can be tricky. I was reassured when Mecca Max said these Zoom Shadow Sticks are made with a super long lasting formula.

Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks

When I was browsing through the colour options I was impressed with how many there were to choose from. These Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks come in a variety of 14 shimmer and matte shades. The two that I purchased were White Gold and Baby Pink.

How To

The directions from Mecca Max are to use these under and over eyeshadow for dimension and intensity. With the creamy formula there is enough time to blend the shadows out with your finger before they set.

I found this to be correct. I applied these shadows over a primer and blended them quickly with my fingers. Blending with a brush proved difficult and resulted in patchy blending and cream eyeshadow caked into the brush bristles.

My Experience

I’ve worn these Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks over primer and my bare skin. Over primer they last longer than bare skin where the shades will crease and muddy. However even over primer I still found these shadows to crease on my eyelids. I have very oily and hooded lids so most cream products will crease. These Zoom shadows held up for 5-6 hours before I noticed creasing but I would see creases by the end of a day.

The range of shades in this formula vary from matte to shimmer. The two that I purchased – White Gold and Baby Pink – were both shimmers. What I found was that White Gold had significantly more reflect than Baby Pink. There was a soft shimmer upon application with Baby Pink however after a few hours that shimmer had faded and the shade looked flat. White Gold also faded however there would still be a slight shimmer by the end of the day.

With both shades the pigmentation was strong upon application however throughout the day the colour would muddy with wear. When wearing the one shade across my whole lid the consistency of the shadow would become uneven. Some parts would hold the pigmentation however other patches would fade.

I never had any skin irritation when using these Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks however overall I just wasn’t impressed with the performance. These cost AUD$18.00 each and there wasn’t a huge amount of product in the large stick packaging. For me $18 is a lot of money for a single shadow and I thought the way this cream formula wore throughout the day was disappointing for a finish I could achieve with a powder shadow.

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