Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+

I bought this last year when I was going to Japan for a three week holiday. I wanted a really nice sunscreen that works well with makeup and this was highly recommended online.

I bought the smaller size for AUD$18.00, a little expensive but it was a primer and sunscreen in one so I paid the price.

As it happened, in the months following my holiday, I have been reading more and more about the dangers being speculated around sunscreen and the ingredients put into them. So I have decided to finish this small tube up and then I will be looking into a more natural, less harmful sunscreen that doesn’t include some of these scary ingredients I’ve been hearing about. (If you’re interesting in learning more about what I’m talking about, I’d recommend watching this video.)

So because I have been wearing this for the last few weeks to use it up, I thought I’d put out a quick review on it for anyone interested.

It’s a shame that I’ve decided not to wear this sunscreen after I’m finished because it really is a good, non oily sunscreen. I wouldn’t say it’s matte, maybe a satin type finish but I certainly don’t look shiny after applying it. It doesn’t leave a white cast and sinks in very quickly, so far the makeup I have worn over it has been fine so it’s a good primer too. The only downside is that I do seem to use a decent amount to cover my face, so it might not last you as long as other sunscreens.

If you want a good sunscreen and makeup base in one then this is a great product for that. Unfortunately for me it contains some sunscreen ingredients that I, personally, try to avoid so I’ll be looking at different formulas for the future.

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