Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation

It’s not a new product by any means however I’m putting up a quick post to talk about my thoughts on this foundation from the perspective of a pale skinned, neutral undertoned, oily skinned Australian!

Obviously there are a lot of pale foundations out there however often they aren’t light enough to match me or their undertone is much to pink to suit my more yellow/neutral undertones. Combine this with my very oily skin and the severe heat I can experience while living in Australia and it can take a while for me to find a good foundation.

So when I learnt Maybelline had a Matte + Poreless foundation and found this shade in store I was very excited to bring it home and try it out.

I’ve owned and have been using this foundation for many months now and feel as though I have a good idea of it’s pros and cons for how it wears and works for my skin.


To start with the packaging has a nice, thick glass jar with a black plastic, screw on lid and clean, minimal labeling. It’s a nice looking foundation and I like the weightiness of the glass.

The issue that I have with the foundation packaging is the screw on lid. The jar opening is huge and to get to the foundation I have to pour it out on the back of my hand, with the large opening it’s very difficult to control how much product I pour out and so the process can be messy. I have heard people using screw on pump lids from other foundations however I don’t have any of those spare so it can be a process to get this foundation out of the jar.

Product Performance


To start with, this foundation is advertised as having a natural, seamless finish and I would say that is correct. I apply this in a light layer over my face and it will even my skin tone and cover any light marks or blemishes. Any significant blemishes wont be fully covered and this brings me to my main issue with this foundation which is that I can’t layer it.

If I try to apply another small layer of this foundation over a specific blemish the first layer of foundation will break apart immediately. Almost as though the new, light layer I am trying to apply is lifting the first layer and no matter if I apply the second layer with a brush, beauty blender or my fingers the same thing always happens. So what I have resigned myself to doing with this foundation is only ever wearing one layer and hoping it applies well because once that single layer is down I can’t apply any more on top of it.

This is obviously a major issue to me as I like to apply a light layer over my whole face to even my skintone out and then go back to any specific blemishes and build up the coverage there with a more targeted layer of foundation. As I can’t do that with this foundation it limits me to only wearing this on days when I don’t have any big blemishes and if I’m honest, that’s not very often.

Skin Texture

Aside from the fact that this foundation doesn’t layer well, it can also cling onto texture if I happen to have a rough patch of skin this foundation will pick it up. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have dry, flaky skin or any other texture you’d rather hide.

Oil Control

Now, as for how this foundation stands up to my oily skin. It definitely does handle my oiliness better than a standard foundation that’s not specifically targeting oil control however it’s still not strong enough to keep me matte all day. This foundation will definitely start me off looking matte and poreless however that effect will wear off within 5 hours or so and by the end of a full day I will have wanted to powder or blot my face to reduce my oiliness.

I have also noticed this foundation can start to separate around my nose area however I don’t count that as too much of a strike against the formula as many foundations and concealers do that around my nose.

How it looks

Overall, this foundation has too many issues for me to be able to appreciate any matte effect that it could provide me. Even though it will keep me relatively matte during a day it’s such a hassle for me to apply that I wont bother repurchasing this foundation when I do manage to finish it.

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