May Empties Makeup & Skincare

And yet another month passes by. I actually thought that I went off makeup a little bit this month but you wouldn’t know from how many empty makeup products I have below! I think I’m starting to get back into the swing of it now though so I’m looking forward to the next month.


BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Gel

This was a very basic brow gel. Its formula was a little thick and so it would clump up on the spooly and deposit in chunks into my brows. I would then have to go through them with a clean brow brush to try and work out those clumps of gel. It would also fade throughout the day and if it got wet then it would run.

I would not repurchase.

Fyrinnae Pyromantic Erotica Loose Eye Shadow

This was a beautiful duo-chrome eyeshadow that was perfect for Spring and Summer months. It was very pigmented and easy to apply and blend out. Over a primer it would wear for 8 hours on me without creasing or fading.

I would repurchase.

Fyrinnae Witchy Woodland Creatures Loose Eye Shadow

In terms of the shade this was not the most ground breaking eyeshadow from Fyrinnae however it was a perfectly flattering brown taupe. It sat quite nicely between being warm or cool which has been perfect for Autumn colours lately. It had a shimmer finish that gave it a beautiful effect in sunlight or under artificial lighting where the tiny purple and green glitter particles could peep through the brown.

I would repurchase

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

This is a concealer and foundation in one with a sheer to medium coverage formula. My favourite thing about it is the dewy, skin like finish which would be perfect for someone with dry skin however on my oily skin it would start to break apart in my t-zone any time from five hours onward. Even so I liked how natural this formula would look on me that I went through the entire pot. I also love the neutral undertone and how light this shade 000 is, it’s been the closest match I’ve found for my skin.

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

I might repurchase.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

I was curious to see how Vitamin C would go in a formula geared at being a primer for makeup. This was a silicone feeling primer that slightly smoothed my skin and blurred my pores. It did provide a good smooth barrier between my sunscreen and makeup but I didn’t really notice any glowy skin effect with it. For how expensive this product is I wouldn’t purchase is purely for its priming properties.

I wouldn’t repurchase.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes

I finished another packet of these last month and I talked then about how these irritated my skin to the point of stinging and were half dry from the packet. They barely wiped off my foundation and stood no chance against my mascara.

I would not buy these again.

Frank Body Lip Tint Taupe-less

I bought this to use as a lip treatment of sorts with an added bonus that it had a tint to it. Unfortunately this did nothing to heal my dry lips, it’s more for wearing when your lips are already in a good condition. The tint was also stronger than what I was expecting when it was labelled as a nude. It was a warm, brown colour that I didn’t mind but would have preferred a little lighter. It also had the scent and flavour of coffee that would hang around as I wore it. As it didn’t heal my dry lips I wasn’t really impressed.

I wouldn’t repurchase.


The Body Shop Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream

This was a nice moisturiser for someone with oily skin. It wasn’t heavy or thick, more like a gel that I would apply both at night and in the morning. During Summer it was fine on its own but when Winter came around I actually began layering this with another moisturiser because I felt like my skin wanted more hydration than just this cream could provide. Also, like with all The Body Shop skincare that I’ve tried, there is a lot of fragrance in the product that would eventually start to irritate my skin. I wouldn’t be able to wear a full face of The Body Shop skincare.

I wouldn’t repurchase.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick

I love the healing power of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and so I was ready to replicate that effect in a convenient lip balm stick. Unfortunately this just isn’t the same. Due to the stick formula this balm is much thinner in texture and while it was soothing I found it would wear off very quickly and I would be reapplying it a lot throughout the day. So I wore through this very fast and for how much it costs I would rather buy a common lip balm brand and achieve a similar effect.

I wouldn’t repurchase.

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Brightening Day Cream

This was a nice moisturiser, nothing fancy just a very traditional creamy formula that was surprisingly thick compared to the sleeping cream I finished above. I can’t say I noticed any of the amazing benefits The Body Shop claims with this product so I think it could be substituted for a cheaper moisturiser with similar results.

I wouldn’t repurchase.

Body Care

Soap & Glory Hand Food – Hydrating Hand Cream

I finished one of these last month however in a different scent. This one was also a fantastic moisturiser, a good mix between thick and thin without feeling greasy or sticky on my hands. It does however have a very strong scent that will linger just so you’re aware, I quite enjoyed the sweet smell

Soap & Glory Mini Hand Food

I would repurchase.

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion

I’ve used this lotion before and thought it was okay. It’s just a standard body lotion, not too thick or greasy which I prefer. It sinks in quickly and keeps my skin soft and moisturised. I needed this as a quick fix when I ran out of my other body lotion and it served that purpose fine.

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Deep Restore

I’d rather purchase a different brand.

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