Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder

As I’ve mentioned before my skin type is oily and acne prone. I suffer from breakouts along my jawline and t-zone all throughout the month. When I heard about this Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder I was immediately intrigued to see how it worked.

This is a multi-purpose powder ideal for combination, oily, or sensitive skin. There were a lot of positive reviews from people claiming this powder cured their acne and reduced their oily skin. Seeing as those are my two main skin concerns I was very hopeful this would live up to it’s hype.

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder

How To

On the website there are two sets of instructions for how to use this Special Healing Powder. You can dust the powder sparingly on oily or troubled areas or you can mix small amount of product into loose powder and apply it as a setting powder over makeup.

I personally use it both ways. If I want to use it during the day I will mix it with my setting powder to dilute the colour. If I wear it alone then it is always of a nighttime as the green powder does leave a tint on my skin.

My Experience

Unfortunately I would have to sum up my experience as underwhelming. Even using this powder both of a day and nighttime I couldn’t see any changes to my acne. This didn’t produce the miracle healing effect like many other people seemed to have.

A big issue I found with this Special Healing Powder was the colour of it. There is a significant green hue to the powder that will transfer onto my skin unless I dilute it with my setting powder. Applying this powder directly to my skin would leave patches of greenish yellow behind so I could only wear it of a nighttime. When I diluted the powder and applied it as a setting powder I worried that it wasn’t really doing much for my skin as the ingredients were diluted and being applied on top of my makeup and not my bare skin.

Overall this Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder has been disappointing. I saw no changes to my acne or breakouts from using this. As a setting powder it did an okay job of reducing my shine however I’ve definitely used formulas that worked better.

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