March Empties Makeup & Skincar

Another month gone, and having spent so much time inside lately this months empties haul is a big one. After the unusually large empties haul of last month I was curious to see if I would run out of things to finish in March however I finished off more than a few makeup and skincare products that I’d had my eye on using up.

Speaking of using it up, my first update on my 2020 Using It Up series was published recently so if you’d like to see how my makeup collection has changed over the past three months then I’ll insert the link below.

Using It Up In 2020 – My 3 Month Check In

Now, onto the empties!


Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

I feel like whenever anyone talks about a cleansing balm this is the one you picture. I’d never tried it before this, for years I’d been using a similar type of product from The Body Shop, and when I eventually ran out of that I picked up one of these to try. Now that I have completely finished this balm I can compare the two and safely say that the formula is indistinguishable. They’re roughly around the same price point however I prefer The Body Shop formula as it’s easier for me to access and I like their ethos and community work. This was also strongly fragranced so if you’re not a fan of sweet smells then I would avoid this.

Would I buy again? No.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

I’ve gotten so many samples of this mask with online purchases that I thought it was time to actually use some of them. It had been a long time since I’d used a mask like this so I was interested to see how it affected my skin, which at the time had been quite clear and free of major breakouts. This has the consistency and look of a mud mask with pieces of green tea leaves strewn through it which made it a little messy to apply as the pieces would fall off my skin. It also dried and set down to be a caked on clay mask which was quite tight and uncomfortable by the time I needed to take it off. When I did go to wash it off it took a little effort as it was quite baked on and the immediately visible results were only that my skin looked a little brighter and my pores were smaller however I imagine the reduction in pores was due to my dry, tightened skin. In the days following, I did have a couple of small blemishes come out however no drastic reaction. I wouldn’t say I noticed any significant changes either way in the end.

Would I buy again? No.

Edible Beauty No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum Sample

I’ve never really used a serum in my skincare routine so I was interested in trying this one when I received it as a sample. It was supposed to have a number of anti-aging, skin boosting properties however the only thing I ever noticed was that it never quite dried so it always left a slightly shiny film on my skin that made me look dewy. The formula was like a more sticky version of my hyaluronic acid that never quite sunk in, always a little tacky. I also never saw any particular skin boosting effects any more than what my normal skincare routine provides.

Would I buy again? No.

Edible Beauty No.4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion Sample

When I first applied this cream I was so surprised by its thick consistency that I went online to make sure I hadn’t just applied a body butter to my face. But no, this cream is described by the brand as being a lightweight moisturiser with a silky consistency. So I don’t know if my understanding of moisturisers is drastically different to theirs but I definitely wouldn’t call this lightweight. To me it’s a thick cream that takes a little effort to rub into my skin. It will, once applied, sink in nicely without looking shiny or sticky however it definitely leans more towards a heavier, night cream than a lightweight day cream to me. In saying all of that, it was nice to use, some heavy creams can upset my skin but I saw no ill effects from this. Once I got past the slight confusion of its description this was a nice, hydrating cream; a little goes a long way and I like the ethics of this brand so it might be worth looking into a full sized bottle during Winter when my skin tends to dry out more.

Would I buy again? Maybe.

Edible Beauty & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse – Sleep Mask Sample

Along with the serum, I’d also never tried a Mousse Mask before so it was another product that I was keen on seeing its effects. I had no idea what a Purifying Mousse would look or feel like but it was described online to clarify, balance oil production and brighten the skin for a radiant and rested complexion the next morning. Firstly, the texture was very much like a mousse, thick yet light and fluffy. Very creamy but it wouldn’t sit heavily on my skin or feel greasy. I normally don’t like and can’t handle heavy moisturisers but my skin never reacted poorly to this and in the morning after a night of wearing this my skin would look glowing and plump.

Would I buy again? Maybe.

Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff Sample

I received this eye cream as a small, free sample from Mecca and it’s lasted me throughout the past month using it morning and night. As for how it performs I can’t really comment as it’s not aimed for reducing any eye area issues that I have. The formula was nice and light, it sank in quickly and wasn’t tacky or sticking in my fine lines. It also didn’t irritate my eyes at all so that was good. I can’t say I noticed any brightening effects as it claims nor did it depuff my eyes as my eyes aren’t ever puffy.

Would I buy again? No.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

This is a cult product in Australia, I don’t really know if it’s recognised anywhere else but if you don’t know it, this is sold as an all purpose healing cream. I picked one up ages ago when I forgot my lip balm one day and my lips were screaming for moisture. I’ve slowly been using it up ever since mostly as a night treatment for my lips and for that purpose it’s not my favourite formula. It’s a little thin and does have a slightly odd flavour but it kept my lips hydrated and soft and I like its multipurpose uses.

Would I buy again? No.

Almay Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I’m so glad that I’ve finished this bottle because I really didn’t like it. I would soak this product into a cotton pad and attempt to wipe off generic eyeshadow and it would still take multiple swipes. If I was wearing mascara then I would have to use more than one cotton wipe and if any of this got in my eye it would sting terribly and cause me to tear up.

Would I buy again? No!


Oxx Gloss

YAY!!! I finally finished the last of these lipglosses this month. At the end of 2018 I bought a 10 pack of these because it was cheap and I used to impulse buy makeup and I think that using these 10 glosses up over the past 14 months has taught me, more than anything else, to make better, more intentional choices when buying new makeup and skincare! That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy wearing these glosses, they even featured in my 2019 Beauty Favourites as they have the exact formula that I like in a gloss. However I will admit that after using up the entire 10 pack I am looking forward to trying new products!

Would I buy again? Yes, but not in a 10 pack!

Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit

YAY!! Ever since I turned my attention to curating my makeup collection my excitement for beauty has shifted to using up my collection and I was so happy when I was able to finish this palette. It’s designed to be a contour kit, with 4 pans containing a banana shade, a highlight shade, contour shade and bronzer. I bought the light/medium version and was a little worried it would be too dark for me but actually it actually wasn’t that bad. The banana shade was a touch too pigmented and the highlighter wasn’t pigmented enough however the bronzer was nicely warm and the contour just the right shade of grey. Everything blended out really well and wore throughout an entire day, they sat well on my skin and with other makeup products.

Would I buy again? No, due to the banana and highlighter shades under-performing.

Fyrinnae Fantasy Creatures Loose Eye Shadow

As always with my Fyrinnae eyeshadows, I loved this. They’re truly the most unique and magical eyeshadows I’ve bought and they’ve ruined me for other formulas now. This one in particular was an amazing, colour shifting glitter that looked spectacular when worn alone or used as a topper. I apply my eyeshadows, always, over a base as I have oily, hooded eyelids that will crease and when I used a primer with this shadow it would never crease or fade, and even though it’s a glitter I experienced little to no fall out either.

Would I buy again? Yes!

Fyrinnae Snowflake Waltz Loose Eye Shadow

The texture of this shimmer was incredibly soft and smooth with tiny glitters however nothing as chunky as the Fantasy Creatures above. I ended up using this as a cheek highlighter more than an eyeshadow as the shade was a touch lighter than what I like to wear on my eyes. A little too bright for my lids but an amazing, blue beaming highlighter that I loved the effect of. It didn’t emphasise the texture on my face either which was great.

Would I buy again? Yes.

Fyrinnae Nordic Angel Powder Blush

I’d never tried a loose powder blush before so my main concern was if it would be too difficult to use and the answer was yes. I’m not the person who sits down for hours to do really intricate makeup so this loose powder format was a little to fiddly for my tastes which is a shame because the colour and performance were outstanding. It blended out like a watercolour wash on my cheeks and wore well throughout an entire day. In the end I tried to press this into an old eyeshadow pan however when I added a liquid binder the formula basically evaporated and so that didn’t work out at all.

Would I buy again? Only if they made it as a pressed blush.


The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream

As always, I’m constantly looking for good, small hand creams that I can toss in my bag and go and I think I’m onto a winner with this Body Shop formula. I got a couple of these in a recent Body Shop purchase and they’re the perfect size to carry around anywhere. As for the formula, it’s exactly what I like to use for a hand cream, it’s not too thick and absorbs very quickly into the skin. There’s no greasy feeling left over, only soft skin and a really nice scent that does fade however it’s good enough that people have commented on it when I’m applying this cream.

Would I buy again? Yes.

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Hand Cream

This is the exact same formula as the hand cream above just in a different scent, so my opinion on it was the same. This scent is just as lovely as the Moringa one though neither are overpowering and the formula kept my hands soft and moisturised.

Would I buy again? Yes.

The Body Shop Moringa Softening Body Butter

This, and the product below, are the body butter versions of the above hand creams. I was hopeful to try them both due to how much I’d enjoyed the hand creams however unfortunately this just isn’t the type of moisturiser that I enjoy. Unlike the hand creams the body butters are thick and greasy. They really do leave a film and shine on my skin like butter would and while it does eventually sink in, it makes me quite uncomfortable during the time that it takes to absorb. Afterwards my skin is very hydrated however even then it is very obvious to touch that I have applied a heavy moisturiser as there’s just a feeling left over of not quite dry skin.

Would I buy again? No.

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter

This is the same formula as the body butter above only a different scent. As for the scent both were lovely, not too overpowering and very natural smelling. As for the formula, my opinion was the same as above. Too thick and greasy feeling.

Would I buy again? No.

Creightons Pro Keratin Pro Rescue & Repair 2 Minute Treatment

I’ve struggled a lot with a dry and flaky scalp and thought this power hit treatment sounded worth a try. I used this every day as instructed and felt that it was no different to a normal hair conditioner. Never saw any significant improvement in my hair or scalp that made me think this was worth using.

Would I buy again? No.

Akau Aroha Natural Sunscreen

I picked up this locally made sunscreen a long time ago and have been putting off using it as I’m not a fan of the formula. It was too much like zinc, thick and oily feeling and it left a noticeable white cast on my already pale skin. With it’s thick, greasy formula it also didn’t sit well underneath my makeup which is a must for my sunscreens.

Would I buy again? No.


Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau De Parfum Intense

This is the final perfume from the original set of 4 minis that I purchased and as the name suggested it was the most intense of the set. Because of that it was a little too much for me, definitely what I would call a night time/going out fragrance and I just don’t like perfumes like that enough to buy a full bottle of them. The scent was nice but very heavy, I preferred the other variations in the set.

Would I buy again? No.

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