Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara Garnet

I’ve always loved these high fashion makeup looks with their glossy eyelids and colourful lashes, and while I know that a glossy lid is impractical for wearing around, coloured mascara had always seemed like a possibility to me.

So when I saw Marc Jacobs had this Garnet colour I asked the Sephora employee if she could put some over the black I was already wearing. Needless to say I bought it then and there and in the handful of minutes as I walked to the store exit two people complimented me on it!

Overall I do enjoy wearing this mascara, the Garnet colour is dark enough that it blends nicely with my natural lashes or over a black mascara. I love the effect it gives when the colour catches the light.

The main issues are that it can be flaky and the formula seems dry so it takes me a few coats to get the payoff I’m looking for. I don’t regret this purchase, in fact I love that I can just have a plain eyelid with some of this mascara and create a really interesting look, however I think when I have finished I will try a different formula next time as it’s not amazing enough that I wouldn’t try another brand.

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