Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner Earthquake

I have always had trouble finding a pencil liner that I could use to tight line that wouldn’t wear off within an hour. I don’t know if I have more watery eyes than I should, or if there is some other cause I don’t know of because no matter what I do my eyeliners never last.

This eyeliner was a product I researched and researched before finally deciding to buy it. As I said above, I struggle with making tight lined eyeliner last so I wanted to buy a really highly recommended one. This was the liner that fit the description.

According to a lot of people online this is an amazing eyeliner that will last all day even on your waterline. So I thought that was it, this was the one, and bought it the next time I was in Sephora.

Unfortunately as it goes, this eyeliner has not lived up to my high hopes. Though I can say that it is the best eyeliner I’ve tried yet, it still wont last forever on my waterline.

The application of this liner is very easy, it’s creamy, smooth and pigmented and a wind up pencil is always easiest for me. On my actual eyelids this liner will set down and not budge which is great however in my water line it will wear off, especially on my lower water line.

While it will fade down I will still end the day with a little bit of liner on my waterline for definition however it’s not the fully tight lined eye look that I started the day with.

So far this is the best eyeliner I’ve tried for tight lining my eyes and definitely the best as a standard eyeliner however I would still like to find something that lasts better than this on my water line.

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