My Oily Skin Makeup Routine

I have naturally oily skin with large pores around my nose and acne along my chin and jaw. Alongside all of that, I also can’t go more than 5 minutes without sweating along my upper lip.

On top of all of that I also live in Australia, where it’s hot for most of the year and humid too.

Those factors together have made it tricky for me to find a makeup routine that will last longer than 2 hours, let along a whole day.

Over the years I have gone from a full coverage, matte foundation to a medium, dewy finish and seem to have settled on a sheer, satin look.

oily skin makeup routine tips

How I wear makeup on my oily skin

I am going to be completely honest. I’ve accepted my oily skin and have found a compromise in my makeup.

I have worked at my skincare routine to reduce my oiliness and from there on I know that I will end the day looking a little shiny however I can adapt my makeup so that it wont break apart and look sickly.

I tried for so long to wear full coverage, matte makeup but it’s just not my personal style. I like to see my skin, so listed below is my more natural makeup routine.

For my base

I’ll start with a pore minimising primer to smooth out my skin. Then I wear a sheer coverage foundation, just enough to even out my skin tone and then dot concealer over specific acne spots and around my nose.

By doing this I’m not changing my skin too much so if I sweat along my lip or my oils come through in my forehead my base doesn’t really change or break apart to any noticeable degree.

Some products I love for a natural base that wears beautifully are the BH Cosmetics Naturally Flawless Foundation and the Savvy by DB Concealer and BB Cream.

For cheek products

On my cheeks I prefer powder products if I’m looking for longevity. I also don’t like to layer too many products as they tend to muddy eventually when my oils come through.

I’ll usually pick between blush or bronzer and add a highlighter on top. (Also as I have such pale skin I find that wearing blush and bronzer together can make me look like a painted doll!)

Some of my favourite cheek products include The CoverGirl TruBlend Blush, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer and the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter.

For my eyes

My oily skin isn’t limited to my t-zone, it also includes my eyelids. This is incredibly frustrating as I’ve lost many beautiful eyeshadow looks to my oily lids.

To make my eyeshadow last I need to wear a heavy duty eyeshadow primer. I can’t get away with concealer as some people can, so far I’ve tried a variety of formulas from a range of price points and nothing has been reliable enough for me to recommend. If anyone knows of an eyeshadow primer strong enough for oily eyelids please let me know!

After priming my eyes I then use powder eyeshadows. Powder shadows have much higher chances of staying put on my eyes. Most formulas are fine for me, some will crease however I have to try them first to know.

Some eyeshadows that I love include the Shaaanxo The Remix Eyeshadow Palette, Colourpop Eyeshadows and BH Cosmetics eyeshadows.

There are many lovely cream eyeshadow products on the market however I can only recommend the Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows and Colourpop Jelly Much Shadows for staying crease-free on my lids.

Brows and mascara

For my brows I don’t go too heavy but I have found the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade will last all day with minimal fading.

As for mascara I have to be careful. My bottom lashes are very long and will touch underneath my eyes throughout the day. My mascara needs to be smudge proof otherwise I will end up with black smears running under my eyes.

So far I have also not found any mascara that I am confident will hold up through a hot day and my oily skin. Again, if anyone has recommendations please leave them below!

For longevity

Once my makeup is on I don’t do too much to set it down. I will press some powder into my skin around my t-zone where I get the oiliest. I will also press some powder beneath my eyes to reduce the risk of any mascara smudging.

Throughout a day my natural oils will come through my makeup however I’m used to that by now. I can bring some blotting paper if I ever want to freshen up but I usually don’t even bother with that.

Living with my oily skin

I used to stress a lot about my oiliness. I’ve spent years wearing various types of makeup and experimenting with my skincare and by this point I’ve reached a compromise. My skin is still oily but not like it once was, and I know that I will end a day with some shine on my skin however makeup trends are favouring glowy skin so I don’t look out of place with my shine!

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