Makeup Revolution Oil Control Setting Spray

When I first saw this setting spray I had no impression at all, only that it said oil control and I have a very oily face. As I had also been on the hunt for a cheaper makeup setting spray than my usual go to, which is the Kat Von D Lock it spray for $36.00, the Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray for only AUD$9.00 was a huge improvement.


The packaging for the bottle is clean and the application is strong I won’t deny that. It’s not a soft mist like something that the Kat Von D Lock it Spray produces however I still get a even application and it’s a fast process which is good because I’m usually running late when I go out. So far I’ve been applying this setting spray maybe 3-4 days each week for the past 2 months and I am just now nearing the end of the bottle.

Product Performance

In terms of how it performs, I’ve been using this setting spray throughout the last few months, which is Summer in Australia, and can confidently say that I have been so impressed with it that it will be replacing my Kat Von D Lock it Spray as my new go to.

This setting spray has performed so well for my oily skin, it blends all of my makeup together, sets it down for the day and noticeably delays my shine longer than any setting spray I can remember using. Eventually I will still get oily however I’m at a point where I don’t think anything can make me not produce oil. The fact that I can wear my foundation, set my face with powder and then use this spray to last 5-6 hours mostly matte is a huge improvement from how my makeup used to be.

The Review

Yes! This is nearly my perfect setting spray. This sets my makeup down and holds my oil at bay for up to 5 hours before I start to notice any shine and even then by eight hours I just look glowy so it’s been great. I know now that nothing will keep me matte forever but this has definitely been one of the best setting sprays I can remember using.

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