Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste Power Hungry Review

I have wanted a glitter paste ever since I saw Margot Robbie at the Australian premiere of her film Peter Rabbit with that gorgeous silver glitter spreading across her eyes and onto her temples.

She looked like a modern princess and I wanted that so bad; you can’t imagine how happy I was when everyone else on the internet also loved it and found out the exact brand of glitter she was wearing.

Unfortunately while I did desperately want that glitter it was sold out, probably due to everyone else also buying it, and then I could never decide on a different glitter to buy. So in the end I didn’t have any glitter but that was okay because I reasoned that I probably wouldn’t have worn glitter like Margot Robbie did anyway.

Skip forward a few months and I see that Makeup Revolution is selling a glitter paste for AUD$5.00. It was honestly like a mini dream come true, for $5 I could see if I would actually wear glitter enough for it to be worth buying the much more expensive but also a little cooler Lemonhead glitter pastes.

Since the glitter arrived I can honestly say it was the gap in my collection that needed filling. I’d never owned any loose glitter before, always believing it would be far too messy for me to bother so the glitter paste has been a perfect solution to that. The glitters themselves are what I consider “regular” glitter sized, not too fine but also not the large glitters in shapes or anything like that. The paste is translucent so it just looks like gold glitters on your eyes when you apply it.

I apply this paste by dipping a tiny brush meant for painting into the glitter paste and then applying it to my primed eyelids. If I’m trying to put the glitter somewhere specific then I will use the brush to place small amounts where I want it. Alternatively, if I want the glitter to be spread out over a larger area, I’ll initially pick it up and apply it with the brush, however I’ll use my finger to move the paste around before it sets as that’s a faster process for a larger area. I have tried using a larger brush for larger areas however I struggle to distribute the glitters and they usually end up in clumps with bare patches around them.

One thing I will say is that I definitely need to prime my eyelids when I use this glitter otherwise it wont set and it will move around and flake off during the day. If I apply this paste over primed eyelids or my eyeshadow then it dries down and doesn’t move. Obviously if I touch my eyelids then the glitters might rub off however I don’t rub my eyeshadow ever because that would always ruin it no matter what.

Whenever I’ve used this glitter paste with primed eyelids it has always stayed in place and I can’t think back to a single time when any of the glitter has fallen onto my cheeks or face.

The only issue I have with this glitter was how difficult it was for me to remove. Like all glitters they’re fun to wear and a nightmare to take off. I have spent many minutes in my bathroom scrubbing at my face with makeup removers trying to pick off the tiny glitter pieces. Eventually I went to the internet where I was advised to use scotch tape to take off glitter as apparently it picks up the pieces very easily and since then removing the glitter has become as easy as applying it.

I think this is an amazing glitter paste. I have been so impressed with how well it stays put. As long as I prime my eyelids then this glitter doesn’t move, it doesn’t flake off and it will stay that way until I take it off in the evening.

The glitter is a nice gold shade, it’s reflective and the pieces are a good size to work with. Over all this glitter paste has made the whole process of apply and wearing glitter easy and non-messy so it’s a win for my makeup!

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