Makeup Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer

This wasn’t a product I’d heard of until I was doing some online shopping and needed to spend 12 euros worth of Makeup Revolution makeup to receive the Pretty Creative Palette as a gift. So as I browsed through the pages of Makeup Revolution products I came across a concealer described as lightweight, longwearing and matte.

The matte finish caught my attention first, soon followed by the price of AUD$7.00 and then amazingly the shade range that provided for me – a very fair skinned but with a neutral undertoned Australian.

I struggle a lot with finding my perfect shade so to see it here with a price tag that I consider very affordable and a matte finish for my oily skin, I honestly considered buying one and a backup right then and there.

In the end I decided that would be silly and I should test out the formula before I jump straight to backup stages so I reigned myself in and added the shade C1 to my cart which took  me to the minimum amount for the free palette as well. It was meant to be.

Makeup Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer

So when the order arrived and I tested out the shade against my skin, I was so happy to see that it matched. If anything I could maybe say it’s a tad light but honestly that is something I can work with rather than too dark, there’s no recovering from an orange concealer on my skin tone.

So with the shade being good, the next step was to test the formula.

And I can say now that after a few months of testing this, I love the way it wears. The coverage is medium to full which is perfect for what I need and the finish is matte which is great for my oily skin. I have found that it can start to cling to any dry patches or texture on my face after 6+ hours of wear but I don’t have many textured areas so it’s not a problem for me.

The only issue I have really found so far is that it’s performance can be improved or impaired by what primer I wear underneath it however this is true for most of my concealers and foundations so again, it’s more of a common sense thing than a problem with the formula.

Unfortunately as I am currently preferring to wear a very light base for my makeup routine, I can’t comment on how well this performs as a full coverage, baked on concealer or anything like that. I have been using this concealer to cover up any breakout I have and to even out my skin tone around my nose and cheeks where I can get a little redness. So if you want to know how this performs as a natural makeup type of concealer, than this review is for you.

The texture is quite thick, very opaque and I find that the coverage is more if you leave it to sit for a bit before you blend it out, however that then makes the blending slightly more difficult than if you were to blend it out immediately. For example if I’m covering up a spot I’ll apply a dot of concealer over the area and leave it to sit for a minute before I blend out the edges and that covers most of my breakouts. If I am trying to even out my skin tone around my nose and cheeks then I will dot some concealer in the areas I want it and then immediately blend it out so it doesn’t become cakey or patchy. I also only use this with brushes or my fingers so I can’t say if using a beauty sponge makes a difference to the application.

So far this has been the concealer I reach for during the summer because I know that if I have a bad breakout and need to keep it covered for 8+ hours then this concealer can handle the job.

So because it has lived up to its promise of longwearing, lightweight, matte full coverage for only AUD$7.00 I have been very impressed.

The mains pros for this concealer are it’s matte finish, medium to full coverage and how well it wears. This wont break apart in my oily T-zone or lift when other products are applied over the top of it.

However to be fair there are a couple of issues I have come across when using this concealer. I’ve found that it works best over non-tacky primers as it can start to clump up if I can’t blend it out nicely. It will also cling to dry patches or texture on the skin, as with many matte products, so if you have skin like that then I wouldn’t recommend this primer.

I would recommend this primer for you if you’re like me with oily skin. It’s longwearing, full coverage with a matte finish that doesn’t break apart in my T-zone. For AUD$7.00 it’s what I consider a very affordable concealer and if you’re have a pale complexion I think they’ll have a match for you.

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