Makeup In Rotation in February

In terms of my makeup this month it’s kept in a similar theme as my January group.

I’m still getting used to being out of my beauty no-buy and project pan mentality so I’ve just been playing with my makeup and enjoying my collection.

That being said, I am still trying to use up a lot of my makeup collection in an effort to curate it into containing only the makeup that I use and love. So as I have been playing with my makeup I’ve been testing out my products and trying to picture in my head how I want my collection to turn out.

Makeup In Rotation During February

It’s still decently warm in Australia right now so I’ve been wearing a light base with the BH Flawless Foundation.

On my cheeks I’ve been leaning towards powder products for their staying power. The Hourglass bronzer is lovely and glowy and the Colourpop Flexitarian highlighter adds an extra punch of shine where I want it.

Lastly I’ve not been overloading my eyes as they tend to crease more in the hotter months so I’ve been pairing the minimal yet classy Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste with some bold and black lashes from Benefit.

Overall it’s been some simple eyes and glowy skin and I’ve been really enjoying my makeup staples in February.

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