Makeup In Rotation During October

Makeup In Rotation During October

I’ve been busy working this month but I’ve been working in a variety of conditions that needed some multitasking products. These are the main group that I’ve been relying on through October.

Makeup In Rotation During October

I bought the Revlon concealer ages ago after hearing amazing reviews online. I bought the lightest shade as that’s what I always am but it’s a very pigmented yellow. I’ve been testing it out lately so I’ll review it soon but it’s definitely not the right shade for me. The Covergirl mascara was recommended to me for being long wearing through hot days so I’ve been relying on it to take me to nighttime without any smudging. It does have very good lasting power however I’d like to experiment with it more to build up volume.

The Color Paint Waterproof shadow is a great, light cream brown that will get through a day on my hooded eyes with minimal creasing. I like a one and done eye look using it. It also pairs nicely with the Chi Chi lipstick which I have actually been using as a cream blush. As a blush the formula is amazing! It sits like skin and lasts as good if not better than some actual cream blushes I own. Continuing with the cream products is my old favourite the RMS Magic Luminizer. It’s perfect for a soft glow during work days and it’s such a classic shade.

Lastly for my brows this month I’ve been using Pears soap to hold them in place as I actually got them tinted for the first time in forever. I forgot how handy it is to just have my brows already darkened and only needing to be brushed into place. I think I’d like to make the tint a regular occurrence.

That’s been my most used makeup products for October. Looking forward to reviewing some of these products now that I’ve tested them out.

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