Makeup In Rotation During March

I started these posts during January and I’m back with another installment. My makeup didn’t change much during February as I was still working through most of my January products but I’ve recently used up a lot of my makeup collection and am now moving onto new products to use up.

So now that I’m starting with some new makeup I wanted to share what’s in my current rotation for the foreseeable future.

My Makeup In Rotation During March

February was a great month for my goal of 2020, to curate my makeup collection into containing only products that I love and that inspire me. I was able to use up a lot of old makeup and so for March I’ve been able to start using and wearing a lot of new products and it’s been very exciting to try new things.

In particular I made the decision to break down my BH Cosmetics Cream Contour palette into individual pans which I can keep in single compacts. Reaching for one isolated contour shade in my daily routine is so much more satisfying to me than a big, bulky palette.

I’m also trying to now work my way through the Stila Kitten Compact that I’ve owned forever and never really used. It’s a pretty champagne shimmer that’s just a touch too dark for my skin tone which makes it just slightly difficult to wear in the way that I want to. But that’s one of my main goals for the coming months is to pan it and then eventually finish it.

Along with that I’d also like to finish the DB highlighter palette as that’s the category that I’ve used up the least of so it’s also another main goal.

I’d like to keep posting in this series because I think it shows the products that I can and am relying on to take me through my days so maybe in the next month or two I’ll post another update to this, hopefully after finishing a few of these products.

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