Makeup in Rotation During January

January is my first month without any makeup restrictions.

I’m no longer in a beauty no-buy and I’ve ended my Project Pan so for the first time in a year I’ve had the option to really pick whatever I like to have in rotation this month.

What I’ve found myself reaching for the most has been very light, natural makeup as it’s summer in Australia and nothing heavy will last through the heat. Also a lot more lipstick already than what I wore in the last many months of 2019. It’s one of my main goals in 2020 to finish a few of my lipsticks as I own way more than what I wear so I’ve been branching out of my comfort zone in that area.

The one exception to my natural makeup trend has been a cream metallic eyeshadow that I’ve been trying to wear a lot. I’ve found that cream eyeshadows don’t have the longest shelf life so I’ve been trying to get some use out of it before it dries up.

I’m also onto the last of my Elie Saab perfume minis from my original set of four which is very exciting for me. I decided last year that I wasn’t going to buy any new perfume until I finished at least that set so it’s good to be onto the last bottle.

It’s nice to be out of a dedicated Project Pan for now as it’s giving me the freedom to use whatever makeup I like. It’s been a nice change after months of only using a few, certain products. If my makeup choices change significantly during the next month I’ll write another one of these posts for February too. Until then!

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