Makeup In Rotation During August

August has been a month of experimentation. I finished a few of my skincare products and have replaced them with new formulas that I’ve needed to adjust my makeup routine to suit.

I’d been wearing blush for so long in an attempt to pan some of my many blush products that I reached my blush limit this month. As you can see below I swapped the pink blush for a lovely terracotta bronzer and have been thoroughly appreciating the tan change.

Makeup In Rotation During August

  • Savvy BB Cream Light
  • Savvy Concealer Fair
  • MAC Mascara In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash
  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer Sun Glow
  • Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow Waterfall
  • Modelrock Uptown Arch Define + Fill Brow Pencil Ash Brown

The Savvy BB Cream and concealer are the most natural wearing base products I own. I have been wearing them so frequently this month as I have needed the products that I know I can rely on to wear like skin without letting me down throughout the day.

I received the MAC mascara as a mini sample and so have been testing that recently. I’ve also not been feeling like a lot of eyeshadow so the Kosas Liquid eyeshadow has been the perfect light formula.

And as I mentioned above I’ve been wearing so much blush that I apparently reached a tipping point and have been only wearing bronzer for the last many weeks to give myself a change.

I’ll see how I go next month. I think I’ll have settled into my new skincare routine and so I’ll test out a few other makeup products to see how they’ll go with the new base.

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