Make up Atelier Paris T19 Wood Pink Palette

Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I’d never heard of this brand until I saw an Instagram post from an influencer I follow promoting this exact palette. The shades swatched on the back of her hand had looked amazing and when I saw it on Beautylish a few months later I picked it up straight away.

So to start with it wasn’t cheap, given than I live in Australia, most products I buy online are going to become more expensive with our currency conversion and shipping. This palette for example, was USD$35.00 online and with the conversion it became AUD$48.00.

That aside, when I received the palette in the mail, my first thought was that the Instagram photo I had seen had very different colours. It must have been taken under warm light or with a warm filter because the colours I swatched were very different; again a hazard of buying online.

When I initially began using this palette, my brush wouldn’t pick up pigment very well, and it’s only now after a few uses of each shade that it’s picking up a decent amount of shadow. I don’t know if this means the shadows were pressed down too hard or something else but only recently have I been getting enough colour on my brushes.

With that, the shadows are okay for pigment, not the best I’ve used but they are buildable and they blend very nicely, and even though the tones are different to what I though they were going to be I can make really nice, neutral smoky eye looks from this.

However even with the good shade performance I’ve not been reaching for this palette a lot. The shades aren’t unique enough that I don’t have others like them that are a little more pigmented. I’m also not a fan of the bright peach shade which limits the amount of looks I can make from this palette.

Overall it is a nice, basic palette with go to matte shades however because of that I’ve not been blown away by it. I feel as though I have other classic matte palettes for less of a price than this.

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