Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

This Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is a cult classic in Australia. Everyone has seen one and most people will have a tube somewhere in their house.

I bought my tube when I found myself out one day with dry lips and nothing to sooth them. I grabbed one of these all round healing ointments and my lips were soon relieved and soothed.

The formula of this is much like a traditional ointment, it’s thick to apply however it does melt down once it’s in contact with your body warmth. There is a slight taste like an ointment, nothing flavoured but more like the taste of a plain balm.

I use this ointment mostly as a lip treatment however I will also apply it on my hands in targeted areas if I have particular dry patches or on a scratch or bite to soothe.

As a lip balm it’s a basic healing balm, nothing ground breaking and it won’t heal any serious cracking or damage overnight however it’s stronger than a basic balm or gloss and so I usually apply a layer before bed every night to routinely bring my lips back from any dryness they gained during the day.

I wouldn’t say you need to rush out and buy this Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. However if you’re like I was, caught out with dry lips and nothing to soothe them, then one of these tubes can be relied on to provide healing and protection.

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