Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow Waterfall

Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow Waterfall

Kosas is a brand with an aesthetic that I can appreciate. I also appreciate their products leaning towards the natural beauty side of the industry. I tend to wear natural makeup myself so I, along with everyone else, was very excited when Kosas released their 10-Second Eyeshadow formula.

Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows

The Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows are clean, water-based, fast-drying and crease-resistant liquid eyeshadows. Kosas says they wear as a wash of color for the most modern take on a fresh eye.

The line comes with 8 shades in a range of matte and shimmer finishes. Through the promo photos I was drawn to the pastel colours Waterfall and 333. In the end the blues of Waterfall sold me.

How To

Kosas says to first shake the tube before use. The pigments and sediment can settle at the bottom so shake until you hear the metal balls click. When you apply be sure to keep the tube upright, the formula is liquid and will spill if tipped. To apply, sweep the colour over dry, clean eyelids. Blend with a finger, the doe foot or a synthetic eyeshadow brush. If you desire more pigment you can layer again.

I personally wore this shadow over primed eyelids as my eyelids are very oily and hooded. As with all cream eyeshadows I prime to lessen the chance of creasing. I tried blended the edges with both my finger tips and a synthetic brush to see the difference. I also layered the shadow a few times as well.

My Experience

Before I even get to the performance I have to start by telling you how I struggled to mix the settled pigments toegther. I’ll insert some photos below of how my bottle came. While Kosas do say to shake the bottle before use, it took me 10 minutes to mix this while rubbing it between my hands to warm it up. I nearly gave up a couple of times. Even when I had gotten the dark blue bits unstuck from the bottom it still didn’t look completely right in the tube. I assume it had been sitting on the shelf for a long time however I’ve not found anyone else mentioning this in their reviews. My arms were sore by the time I was finally done shaking this tube.

Now that I had an eyeshadow that I could apply I was able to test the formula out. I understand that these Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows are supposed to be a sheer wash of colour however I was not expecting it to be as sheer as it was. The demo photos of this shade Waterfall still looked quite pigmented to me however even when layering I struggled to show similar pigment.

When I would first sweep the colour across my lids it would look like the blue in the photos. The trouble came when I tried to blend that initial layer. If I patted around the edges with my finger then the blue would appear to lift away and move around however the silver would stay on my eye. It’s hard to explain but the same thing happened with a brush.

The formula seemed to separate with the blue colour seeming to be a water formula and it would slide around but then suddenly dry in one area. I would have a line of dark blue set down with more silvery blue pigment around it. Again, I don’t know if this was due to my bottle having settled and the pigments weren’t mixing properly. It meant that I really struggled to blend this shadow out. If ever I did manage to blend it nicely I would lift off a lot of the blue colour and it would look more silver than anything.

Finally, after all of that, I did find that this formula would crease on my eyelids. I have very oily and hooded eyelids so a lot of cream formulas will crease and this Kosas one lasted around 5-6 hours before I’d see the creasing. Considering that it did crease it wasn’t too bad otherwise. The rest of the pigment would hold strong and the formula wouldn’t become patchy or messy, it would simply develop lines where the pigment had faded in my natural creases.

So as you can see from the photos above the finish of these Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows is very natural and smooth. However I was unable to build the shade Waterfall to be anywhere near as pigmented as the promo photos. I also struggled to blend the formula and it would eventually crease on my eyelids. For AUD$45.00 I was unimpressed and quite sad. I’d been really wanting to like these eyeshadows. In the future I could see myself trying a different shade to see if this was just an bad bottle because I love the idea of a quick and soft sweep of colour but it just didn’t work out for me.

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